Brooklyn-Based Artist Broox Shares Her 2-Track EP "Over Easy"

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Delightfully blending RnB, electronica, and indie-pop, Brooklyn-based artist broox is sharing her latest genre-fluid project, a 2-track EP titled “Over Easy”.

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Digging into the resonance of emotional melodies, synth-wave sensation and rhythmic movements, broox’s “Over Easy” is a feel-good listen stacked with soft, atmospheric beats, sultry RnB vocals, and intimate lyricism. “Over Easy” shows an evolution in broox’s artistry since her 2018 debut “Out / Through”, which she attributes to a newfound confidence in her more RnB-leaning sound. “I was very present while making this EP,” she says, “which I think is why it’s some of my best stuff yet. I was trying to channel my inner-self and creativity within this area in music I haven’t touched before. It was challenging but also exciting and made me curious to see what I can make of this.”

Created with producer Zach Ezzy, “Over Easy”’s two singles - “B T W L D” and “She’s Been Listening” - feel at home together while still standing apart as strong releases in their own right. “B T W L D” is about showing love to someone you care deeply for, while “She’s Been Listening” is what broox calls “a song for the outcasts, the weirdos, the ones who got picked on when they were young but didn’t fall into the peer pressure of fitting in.” The tracks tackle two different parts of the human experience but both are richly therapeutic and emotionally captivating for the artist and listener.

Brooklyn-based broox creates music to make you feel. With lyrics that revolve around her experience as a young, queer woman in 2019, broox’s music carves out a safe space for listeners to find solace.

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