Brooklyn Brewery Launches Their Own Record Label

Nothing beats kicking back with a delicious brew and listening to some awesome tunes. Brooklyn Brewery, based in (you guessed it) Brooklyn, New York, realized they had all the makings of a music fan base.  They had followers passionate about the brewery and iconic name; a famous name recognized and respected around the United States and abroad; and even bands that loyally and exclusively worked with the brewery.  They boldly chose to diversify from craft beer and into the music industry, starting with the United Kingdom-based rock band, the Graveltones. The band, made of drummer Mikey Sorbello and vocalist/guitarist Jimmy O, who are most renowned in London and Germany, made their way to Rough Trade in London to celebrate the launching of the label in July with some of Brooklyn Brewery’s most loyal fans.

Though the brewery is renowned across the United States and is recognizable to drinkers worldwide, the record label isn’t looking for fame; rather, they aim to support emerging, young, independent artists.  It was important to the brewery to bring the spirit of Brooklyn, which fosters creative artists of all walks, to the global music industry.  They’re starting in the United Kingdom, hoping to plant firm roots in a growing music scene before expanding again. Brooklyn Brewery’s brand ambassador, Rachael Weseloh, told Music Week that the brewery was “keen to bring [the Brooklyn spirit] to the UK, taking original, independent bands and pressing the unadulterated sound to vinyl, to be listened to as intended- loud and raw.”

While the Graveltones are keeping Brooklyn Brewery plenty busy this fall as they navigate the early stages of the record label, new bands and musicians are certainly are on the horizon. Keep your eyes peeled and ears prepared for some of the authentic, raw music that Brooklyn Brewery Records will be signing soon.

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Carmen R. Lawrence is a freelance writer currently located in Chicago, IL.  Though she writes about topics as varied as craft beer, theatre, and video games, writing about music is a passion and a pleasure.  Follow her on Twitter at @carmenrlawrence or find her on Facebook at carmen.lawrence1