Brooklyn's Riley Writtens Releases DOPE New 5 Track EP "FIF"

Riley Writtens 2.jpg

Riley Writtens has released his latest 5 track EP, "FIF", available exclusively on Soundcloud, featuring production by June Blaze & El. The executive producers consist of Segnon Tiewul, Jahmel Reynolds of the visuals group Ren Revolution and multi-faceted artist, Latasha Alcindor.

Riley Writtens is a Brooklyn born rapper with an act for story telling in his rhymes, who pulled together this album in an attempt to “Plead The Fif.” Having lost all of his rhymes for the original pending project “7 Capital Cities To Heaven: Vol. 2” on his phone due to a taxi cab excursion, he put together this album as a PSA.

I wanted "Her" to be ambiguous, btw. "Her" is hip hop. The relationship I have going on with her, stays between me and her. If anyone asks, I plead the 5th. That's what she does with me anyway, currently. Whatever material I had on the phone, to say to her or people in general, I lost in a cab. So whatever they were expecting me to say, I plead the 5th until next project. but if and when I have something of significance to say, Would She listen? Would YOU listen? This project is to test that.” – Riley Writtens. 

FIF until further notice.

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