BAMN is Atlanta's Best Kept Secret

When most music fans think of Atlanta rap, Trap music is the first thing that comes to mind. Artists like Future, Young Thug and Rich Homie Quan are carrying the torch for this very popular sub-genre but there is a new generation of rappers making major noise in the Atlanta region and beyond. One of these emerging artists is BAMN. BAMN has been featured on our site several times since we started in July 2014 and his appearances have all been well warranted. He's been making great music for three years, with the culmination being last spring's "The Ride", an eight song EP featuring the production prowess of Spittzwell. 

We connected with BAMN to ask some questions about his philanthropic work in the community, what we can look forward to from him musically this year and much more. Most importantly, BAMN just dropped a DOPE new video for his track 'Give It Up', which is our current Song of the Week, and appears on our recently released compilation album "The Definition of DOPE". Enjoy.

Carlton Boyd

Why is charity work in the community so important to you? B: It's more important than most things society focuses on.  Its simple!  We have to give more than we receive!  I mean I'm blessed to have a bed to sleep in and food to eat.  Some people to have that.  I would'nt even call it charity work.  To me its just seeing the value in life.  I can't walk by struggle and not do anything.

What can we look forward to from you musically this year? B: I recently released my newest single "Give It Up" which can be found anywhere you buy music. ie: Itunes, Google Play, Amazon Music etc.  Almost right after the single release I also released the visual for it on Youtube @thatguybamn.  Be expecting more singles and visuals to back them. And an Album too!   All dopeness and alot of it!

How will your next project be different than The Ride? B: I think "The Ride" was really smooth.  It was more relax and chill music on that project, and I used one producers for the entire project.  The new project will a variety of producers and different sounds.  You can already tell by the single "Give It Up".  It's way different than what I released on "The Ride".

For someone who's never seen you perform live, what's a typical BAMN show like? B: It's not "typical" at all.  First and foremost its amazing music.  My energy is high, interaction with the crowd, and if my company BeFirstClassENT, LLC. is behind it we like to give away things.  I like to connect with the crowd. I want them to leave feeling like it was an amazing show.

What does the phrase 'Be First Class' mean to you? B: "BeFirstClass" means being the absolute best that you can be in what ever capacity you choose, as well as inspiring others to do the same. Inspiration is a big part of everything that I do.  I told my team that this year the goal is to inspire, and that's what we're going to do.

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