Check Out the New MUSIC DISCOVERY: Pop Curated Spotify Playlist By The CAB Portal

Pop Music Spotify Playlist.jpg

The latest MUSIC DISCOVERY curated Spotify playlist by The CAB Portal features the best new Pop music by artists from around the world that you need to hear right now! 

The artists featured in the playlist include: Curxes, Artlover, Mono, Æves, Monsta X, Ivy Adara, Kai Exos, Ava King, Jules Rendell, VERITE, Ashley Wimer, Ay Wing, Kira May, The Home Team, Sophia Angeles, MXK, Austin, Nivarel, Sam Sun, Jared Lee, Karl Wolf, Nelly, Sara Diamond, Paige Warner, Evelyn Haze, ANGEL!NA, JNDoe, Lo Lo, Caroline Kole, and Elora C.

If you'd like your new song to be added to this ever-growing playlist, submit it to The CAB Portal on their Connector page.