CHH Artist Mitch Darrell Releases His Debut Album "Dreadhead Lando"

Mitch Darrell.png

Mitch Darrell came into 2019 hustling! He’s following his “Dready Tapes Vol. 1” with new project “Dreadhead Lando”. The title is obviously a reference to Lando Calrissian from the “Star Wars” franchise. However, unlike movie Lando, Dreadhead is bursting through with a Lightsaber. Perhaps that’s in reference to how he slices and cuts through beats with finesse and style.

The 10 tracks of “Dreadhead Lando” compares Darrell's experiences as an African-American male to those of the token black characters of the eight main “Star Wars” films (Mace Windu, FN-2187 [Finn], and Lando Calrissian). The album was created in partnership with Easley Branch, LLC and features artists such as: Li$o, Wells, Matthew Campbell, Xay Hill, Naim, Jacquan.R, Yung Jetti and TreAlise. This project was created over a 10-month period at Artist Mill International Studios and was engineered by SUP.

"Although I've released several bodies of work, I consider Dreadhead Lando to be my official debut album,” the rapper stated. “This album literally contains my blood sweat and tears, 10 months of my time, hundreds of my dollars and all of my heart. I consider myself a huge ‘Star Wars’ nerd and no matter how lame it may sound, this album was extremely fun to make because it intertwines my passion of ‘Star Wars’ with my love for music.

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Stream “Dreadhead Lando” right now on your favorite streaming platform and connect with Mitch Darrell on Twitter and IG.