Chicago Based Americana/Folk Group Magical Beasts Release New EP and Album

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Magical Beasts are a Chicago based project led by Nathan Paulus. They are primarily a recording band, only occasionally doing shows. A few of the core members (Nathan Paulus, Ethan Pikas, and Josh Miller), are each owners of various Logan Square businesses. (Five Point Holistic Health, Cellar Door Provisions, Damn Fine Coffee). For all of the core contributors to the project, music is a strong passion and way of living, but not our means. Some of the support for the albums comes from local professional and touring musicians whom are prominent in the Chicago scene. Magical Beasts wish to make something compelling that has depth for repeated ingestion. More simply put, something natural and wild with some mystical components.

Magical Beasts have recently released a new album (Peninsula) and EP (When Love's a Stranger). In speaking about the projects, 

"'Peninsula" is a concept album that is dealing with characters who are, according to the band, "dead inside (king of undead), devolving (my own way down), or evolving. Mostly, there is a mix these energies in each of the songs. This album explores the desire to evolve, and some of the pitfalls and confrontations of personal weaknesses inside that choice to attempt to grow as a being. 

All of the songs for the album and EP were all recorded at the Pikas home in Door County Wisconsin (which is a peninsula) over the course of a week. Most of the songs are live; horn sections are overdubbed. 

The e.p. 'When Love's a Stranger' are various versions of lovers and love songs. In this case, mostly thwarted love songs."

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