DCWS Connects With AV Supreme From University Of Dope About The Game And Hip-Hop

DCWS recently chatted it up with AV Supreme, co-creator of University Of Dope, a hip-hop infused card game. Peep our conversation about the game and more below.

Could you explain what the University Of Dope game is?

The University of Dope is the first card game to celebrate hip-hop culture. It is played majority rules style so you don’t have to worry about “oh I’m not a guru, oh I’m not a hip-hop head” or anything like that. Unpopular opinions are welcome. So you and your friends determine the outcome of the game. You and your peers develop the correct answers.

We understand that there was a IndieGogo campaign behind the funding for University Of Dope. How long did it take to reach your goal?

It’s still going on actually, the campaign is still in progress. It wasn’t to create the game. We’ve had additional funding, thankfully, to create the create the game. So the funds from IndieGoGo have been shifted to go toward creating an app and other marketing campaigns.

Does the game cater to both old school and newer school hip-hop fans?

Its demographic is for millennials, between the ages of 24 and 38. But there is room for people who are a little bit older and a little bit younger. There’s a little bit of Desiigner, but then there’s some 80s. A good chunk of it is 90s, 2000s rap.       

Aside from politics, people love to debate about hip-hop. How many debates to you think University of Dope will spark?

Every single card is a debate. One of the bigger debates on our card is “One Gotta Go: Biggie, Nas, Tupac, or Jay Z.” That one really sparks the biggest of debates. There’s also a  One Gotta Go: Queen Latifah, Missy Elliot, MC Lyte, or Lauryn Hill. That has a lot of debates as well. The awesome part about it is we don’t dictate the barometer of what are you rating them on in terms of your vote. Someone can like Lauryn Hill just because she can sing, but so does Queen Latifah, so does Missy Elliott. You can decide, your vote is your vote. And if you’re the minority, you’ve lost the round.  

This question is for you. Who are your top five rappers?  

I like to reserve not having a top five. I love rappers for different things, depending on how I’m feeling. If I’m just looking for lyrics it’s a different rapper, if I’m looking for delivery it’s a different rapper. Or charisma, someone can be more charismatic but not as lyric heavy.

Like Desiigner versus Chance The Rapper, you can be fans of both of them?

I can. And a lot of people pick on Desiigner, I like Desiigner. I like his energy. A lot of people say I don’t know what he’s talking about. But his energy is really infectious, he’s one of those people. I feel like you can be tired and he comes around and you become full of energy. I look forward to seeing more of his projects in the future as he grows as an artist. For me, I’m not saying you can find the good in everyone because you can’t, but there’s definitely different ways to rate these various artists on different things. I could listen to Jadakiss rap the phonebook, personally.        

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