DCWS Connects with Baltimore's Dane For An Exclusive Interview About His New EP "PreSeason"

Dane is a 21 year old Baltimore based basketball star turned rap artist. Signed to Baltimore's Beam House Records, Dane just released a very DOPE 7-track EP entitled "PreSeason". It's hard to pick the most standout track on the release because there are several, so after reading our exclusive Q&A with Dane, be sure to stream "PreSeason" below and pick your own favorite! Also, be sure to follow Dane on social media and check out the lit music coming from Beam House Records's other premier artists (Scotty Banx, John Wells, Daveology) -- https://soundcloud.com/beamhouserecords

Tell us about your collab with Scotty Banx "StraightUp"; how did you guys connect? 

Well me and Scotty met back in 7th grade and we were cool ever since, when he heard me rap for the first time last year he signed me to Beam House and it's been history ever since. But the song I wrote and recorded after coming out of a bad writers block so it felt good to get some bars off and by the vibe of it, I just knew I needed Scotty on it. I always bring that fire out of him

What are you most proud of with "PreSeason"? Do you have a favorite song on the EP? 

I'm most proud of the fact I actually put together a cohesive project. A couple months ago I couldn't even write a hook so to have a whole project under my belt is a big accomplishment for me. My favorite songs are probably ShamGod and StraightUp

Would you say that your hyper-competitive nature as an all star bball player is also reflected in your music?

Oh yea definitely it's funny because a lot of times I view life like a big basketball metaphor so it just naturally comes out in my music. When I hooped I always had a chip on my shoulder, and I feel like I have a chip on my shoulder when it comes to music as well.

Can we expect a visual or two from "PreSeason"?

I really wanted to do a video for every song but I've been working on videos for 2 of the songs at the moment and they will be coming very soon.

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What's next for you musically after this recently released EP? What are your goals for the rest of 2017?

I'm looking forward to working on some collabs with other artists, and I really want to work on producing as well..but 2017 isn't over yet I have plenty more coming. I also want to play around with different styles and genres as well, stay tuned. 

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