DCWS Connects With Pop Artist Omar Alhindi For An Exclusive Q&A


Our latest exclusive interview is with Omar Alhindi, the Fresno based Pop/RnB songwriter and performer whose new single "My Intentions" is the forerunner of his upcoming debut LP "Bedhead Part 1".  We asked Omar about his musical influences, what he is most proud of with his debut album, what he most looks forward to in 2017 and much more.

How would you describe your sound and who are some of your greatest musical influences?

My sound is a pop/rnb influence, I feel like there are elements of rock involved as well, but you won't really hear that till Bedhead pt 2, so stay tuned. Uhm, I listen to a lot of different music and I think on this album I followed a ne-yo vibe that I really liked when I produced it. But as far as in general, I want to be a versatile artist, I don't like to stick to a genre, or any particular style, so I have different influences like Jon Bellion, Tech N9ne, the Rascal Flatts, anybody can influence me as long as I dig their sound. 

Tell us about your first album "Bedhead Part 1". What are you most proud of with this new project?

I'm proud about everything. I literally created this album. Everything in it, every note, every word written is all mine. It's an amazing experience, kind of like having kids but without the responsibility of parenting.  I liked that I was so young when I made it, and I like who I used to be when I made it. And to see where I am now and the music I'm making now, compared to when I was 15-16 years old making this album and the next, it's mind blowing. I've grown so much and I've learned so much from this first album. But wait till you hear the new music. You'll definitely be shocked at the new sounds. 

Where are you from originally and how did you come to discover that you had a talent for singing and songwriting?

I was born in Stockton and moved when I was an infant. So I grew up in Fresno, California. I definitely never saw myself as a singer, and still don't. I can sing, but I'm not a singer. If that makes sense? I'm a songwriter and a performer, always have been. Since I was a kid I was writing songs about girls I liked in class, actually in fourth grade I wrote a song about how me and this girl I liked named Lauren sat next to each other.  She didn't know obviously, but I really liked her. So I've been writing my whole life, because I've always enjoyed it. It's a way to vent or express myself.

What do you look forward to the most regarding your musical career in 2017?

I'm looking forward to my next steps. I want to change, I'm trying to go down one path, but my actions are going towards another. So I need to focus my attention on what I want, and start doing it. I'm excited about reinventing myself, and my sound. 2017 is gonna be a blast.

Describe your creative process for us when it comes to song development.

I typically start with a few chords on either my piano or my guitar. I write my verse, then my Hook, then my next verse, bridge, and hook. Doesn't always happen like this but for this first album, this is how I worked it. I took experiences and my emotions and I vented through it. The girl I used to love left me, and because of that I was hurt. I was definitely depressed haha, but because of it, I got to start working on my music, and I started writing about how I felt. And I became more open and honest about how I felt. And I grew up through the experience. If I can say one thing to my fans, it's to fall in love. Be completely vulnerable. Let yourself love and be loved. And if it doesn't work out, and you get your heart broken, there's something to learn from it. But that's just me, everybody experiences things differently.

We really enjoyed your visual for "My Intentions"; how much fun was it to shoot it and what was your role in deciding the video treatment?

Well there was some awkward parts and some real fun parts. The awkward was when the model and I had to kiss. Hahahaha I didn't know her, and she doesn't know me, but in the video we're in love, at least initially. I mean she was very professional and great to work with so it wasn't like, bad or anything lmao. So yeah, I mean it's acting. But the cool part was that, and everything after that. Because the views I got to see were great, and we shot at a spot where people hike and they were like watching me perform. And in Hollywood I had cameras on me and saw some fans and took some photos together and overall it was just great. The whole experience was great. My makeup girl, stylist, and everyone else who was helping out was great as well. The DP, Dana, I gotta give him props, being in 40 degree weather wearing nothing but a shirt and shorts, dudes insane great.

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