DCWS's Exclusive Interview With David And The Curse Founder, David Stücken

Los Angeles based singer-songwriter-guitarist-pianist-producer David Stücken has often been compared to revered rocker Ryan Adams for his artistry, self-production and music craftsmanship. David is the force behind LA-based rock band David and The Curse whose dynamic debut An Epitaph For Love is due out early 2017. David wrote and produced the autobiographical album of gritty rock tales told through the lens of an anti-hero.

We connected with David to find out how the city of Los Angeles has influenced him as an artist, his creative process when developing a song, what he enjoys the most when performing live and much more.

You were born and bred in Los Angeles and are still based there. How has the city influenced you as an artist?

Being born in Los Angeles I was born with the "California Dream" already set in my mind. 

Describe your creative process for us, from song conception to the end and when do you know that a song is done?

Well, I always have music in my head. It starts on a tape recorder then goes to the studio and a son can always be messed with more. I think you know when it done when you just decide it sounds great and adding anything else would hurt it more than help it. 

Tell us about your upcoming release An Epitaph For Love. When is it dropping and what are you most proud of with this new album?

The album will be dropping in early 2017. I am most proud of the cohesiveness of the songwriting. 

What do you enjoy most about performing live? And tell us about a typical David and the Curse show.

I enjoy when the audience connects with the band and everyone becomes one and gets into the show. David and The Curse shows are spontaneous and very sweaty. We definitely put on a show but also keep the music integrity intact. 

To follow up on that last question, when and where can we see a performance of you and your band next?

We are playing at El CID in Silverlake, CA on Friday November 18th. 

Who is your favorite rock artist/band and how have they influenced you?

The Rolling Stones, Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, Don Henley. They're all great in their own ways but definitely influences through guitar playing and vocal parts as well as songwriting. "Sympathy For The Devil" is my favorite poem with music ever recorded. 

If you had to describe your music in three words, which three would you choose?

Refinement, truth, attitude. 

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