DCWS's Exclusive Interview With MC

MC is a Denver based rap artist who has his eyes on the prize this year as he strives to create the dopest music possible and put his city on the map as a Hip-Hop destination. We connected with MC to find out what made him want to become a rap artist, his musical goals for 2017, his thoughts about Denver and whether the locals support homegrown talent and much more.  

Tell us about your first exposure to Hip-Hop as a youth; what do you recall hearing or seeing that made you want to become an artist yourself?

I was exposed to music at an early age as both my mom and dad love music. I can remember all the way back when I was five or six, sitting shotgun in my pops ride listening to cats like Spice 1, B-Legit, E-40, Dre, and Snoop which were big on the west coast. It’s funny because when I was is middle school I was into Jay Z and Nas. By high school, my homie, Phil, and I were trying to record music in his bedroom. 

My favorite rap video is Wu-Tang’s Triumph. It’s much more than what gritty esthetic rap had become visually. Wu-Tang brought the song to life by making a living comic book- that’s the moment I knew rap was a true art form both visually and auditory.

What are your goals musically for 2017 and what did you learn last year that makes you a better artist now?

My goal for 2017 is more growth, more progress. It’s not just attaining a bigger audience; it’s about always improving as an artist, branching out and expanding my portfolio, so to speak. Writing for Rock, R&B, and Rap artists this year, I learned that all opportunities aren't good ones. When it comes to brand building, you have to be selective. 

I also learned the importance of always working, whether it be the website, social media, performing, recording, and networking…always be in work mode! Success is 90% prep and 10% opportunity, cliché but true. 

What's the music scene in Denver like, specifically for Hip-Hop? Would you say that the locals support the music of homegrown artists?

Denver is funny. I'm not going to lie. Everybody in the city is an artist of some sort, so it's interesting when half the audience thinks they're better than you when you know they're not. I feel like I'm the best, hands down.

Can we expect a new MC single, visual or project to drop in the first quarter of 2017?

2017…expect everything! The 2550 album is going to turn heads. The stage is all set with tracks like Horizon, Stars, Away, City and Running. I got some magnificent voices and production.

Who are some artists or producers that you aspire to collaborate with? 

I want to work with the best. Steel sharpens steel. My dream list of producers includes Just Blaze, Alchemist, and DJ Premiere. Imagine that album! I would love to work with Jack White and Lana del Rey. Imagine that track! I also think Anderson Paak is insane too- Malibu was definitely my favorite release last year. 

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