DCWS's Exclusive Interview With The Company Kept

Since 2011, New Jersey based band The Company Kept has performed their atmospheric, melodic blend of emotional indie rock at venues all around the Garden State and the east coast. The Company Kept is Paul Singh on lead guitar/vocals, Tom Hickey on bass, Dan Chiera on drums, and Nikki Marroccoli on keys and rhythm guitar.

Check out their 2015 full-length Patterns as well as our interview below:

Tell us a story about how your band formed. It doesn't have to be true.

Professor X added some sugar, spice, some awful puns, and about 17 reverb pedals. After a while we outgrew the test tube and became what we are today.

Whether music related or not, what is the most fun thing your band ever did as a group?

One time we decided that we were going to have a meeting to get our priorities straight. So naturally we got drunk at 3 a.m. and watched the home shopping network together. The ladies were dunking boots under water. Not really sure why…

Tell us about the most fun show you ever played. Then tell us about the least fun show you ever played. Please include a happy face emoji and a sad face emoji in your response.

Our show with From Indian Lakes was great! They're a huge influence, and the show was A1. A close contender was this one Friday night at the Meatlocker in Montclair. We ended up with a broken amp and a drum stick in the ceiling. Smiley face :)

Our worst show was in Atlanta, GA. Pretty sure there was meth and someone might have died. Details were sketchy. (Leaving out venue name JUUUUST IN CASE). Sad face :(

What's the point of being in a band in America in 2016? Whatever was the point?

There is no point. There's never a point. Not to anything ever. See you in hell, I guess.

Tell us about the moment you realized you wanted to devote much of your life to the making of music. Please attempt to psychoanalyze yourself in the process.

Paul: “Nessun Dorma” as performed by Luciano Pavarotti was playing in the delivery room as I was being born. I know this because my parents forced me to watch the video every Saturday growing up. I can only assume through the latent psycho-dynamic amorous relationship between a maternal caregiver and Pavlovian conditioning paired with music I have become fairly inclined toward music.

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