DCWS's Exclusive Q&A With Adrienne Brown And AJKB From DistinctiveMindz

DistinctiveMindz is a Los Angeles based collective of artists and creatives, featuring singer-songwriter Adrienne Brown and producer AJKB. Adrienne just released a very DOPE single entitled "Don't Delay", produced by AJKB, and featuring Swayyvo, as well as the visual. We connected with Adrienne and AJKB to find out more about their creative process, the "Don't Delay" video shoot, their musical goals for 2017, and much more.

Enjoy this exclusive Q&A with Adrienne and AJKB and be sure to stream/download "Don't Delay" using the various streaming options below. 

Itunes: https://itun.es/us/Xwqwfb
Apple Music: https://itunes.apple.com/album/id1163462065
Amazon: amazon.com/dp/B01MA18JVH/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_awd_x_O8-byb4YWYK5E
Google Play: play.google.com/store/music/artist/Adrienne_Brown?id=Al4fsvcm6vnbhuhnbaup4lyhntu&hl=en
Spotify: open.spotify.com/album/0FUTB4MX7J2XP0IOBoZnU0

Tell us about DistinctiveMindz. How did you guys link up to form this duo?

AJKB: DistinctiveMindz is actually a collective of artists and great minds alike. Currently, we consist of musicians, a screenwriter, producers, and critical thinkers.  We’ve link up through various projects throughout the years.

As a producer, how do you decide when a song is ready for the world to hear?

AJKB: Lol!! That's a good question. It can be tedious at times because we are both kind of perfectionist. Normally we like to give the track three rounds of notes and cover any changes needed in that process. Personally, I always feel like it's something more I can add or tweak, but it comes that moment when a decision has to be made so the project isn't stalled. We also have a super dope engineer, Brent Crowe, who plays a huge part in helping us bring the magic out of the track.

Tell us about your creative process for songwriting. Do you prefer to hear an instrumental and then write to it or do you write out your lyrics and then match them to an instrumental?

Adrienne: My process for songwriting varies. I love being inspired by AJKB’s music first, but sometimes I hear a melody first, or fall in love with a theme or a phrase and start writing from there. Regardless, I want to get my listeners’ imagination fully invested in each song.

What do you enjoy the most about being an artist?

Adrienne: I mostly enjoy the opportunity to use a chosen platform to provoke, to entertain, to heal, etc. I enjoy the freedom of being able to be malleable and constantly change up my creative vehicle. 

We are big fans of your new single 'Don't Delay'. How did the track come together and how much fun was the video shoot? Did you get to eat any of the food at the cookout lol?

Adrienne: Thank you so much!  AJKB actually had the track months before, and I fell in love with it! We knew we wanted to add a little of nostalgia to this particular project and was influenced by Marvin Gaye’s “Gotta Give It Up” and how his music encouraged people to just have a great time. I begged Amara, our in-house screenwriter, to help me flush out my video concept and direct the video. We wanted the video to be as simple and fun as the song!

AJKB: So—the food, we didn’t get to try it. We were working on empty! Everyone raved about Chef Anthony’s food. He is too dope-he specializes in French Bistro but we got him to cook BBQ for our shoot. It was crazy.

How have your surroundings in Los Angeles influenced your music?

Adrienne: We are both originally from TN and have worked with artist out of Atlanta, GA. Before moving to LA, I lived in Philadelphia for a few years and stayed visiting NY. Those two cities promoted true conversations, being fearless, and staying grounded and that’s what I choose to promote in my music. LA, has influenced more freedom in stylization and relaxation in my music. It has given me an air of calm confidence no matter what I write about. 

What are your goals musically for 2017?

Adrienne: We have a few projects we are starting and finalizing. First is our next single "Whiskey," which we plan to drop in mid-November. Going into 2017, we will drop my debut EP, which is "untitled" at the moment. Within the collective, our screenwriter and producers are just starting a very special project. I know I am extremely excited about its upcoming official release!

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