DCWS's Exclusive Interview With London's Finest Blaze Barnation

Blaze Barnation is a London based rap artist and producer whose latest visual "Trillest" featuring Chrissi is one of DOPECAUSEWESAID's favorite videos of 2016. Blaze just released an EP entitled "Further Than Before", which includes "Trillest" as well as eight other tracks that are thought provoking and address life in the UK and Africa.  A quote that Blaze lives by is "Don't wish for less challenges, wish for more wisdom to overcome theses challenges', and this mantra has led to him to directing his own videos as well as mixing all the content that you hear in his projects. Enjoy our exclusive interview with Blaze and support this DOPE artist/producer on the rise by streaming/downloading his new EP below.

Tell us about your new song/video "Trillest" featuring Chrissi; how did you and Chrissi come together to create the track? 

To be honest I have had this beat for a 7 months and just kept evading to make a song out of it. Then as I was finishing my project, went back on it and thought this could be what is missing. I recorded my vocals and got in contact with Chrissi via Twitter. I heard his music and thought this artist is dope, I would really like to work with him. He did his part sent it back to me, I just my lyrics again then created what you hear and I feel is an energetic, melodic turn up track with a female orientated concept and motivational track.

You recently dropped your EP "Further Than Before"; why should everyone reading this interview go stream/download it?

Further Than Before is to date one of my most musical projects. What I mean it bridges the Gap between underground and mainstream music. I put hours, days, almost a year .. into this as in I did everything from producing 7 Tracks to mixing all the tracks - recording 90% of and getting assistance on two other tracks from other producers. This a reflection of my right now living in London, Pain, pleasure the fight to be heard as an artist and as a person. My up parties and downs or insecurities. Usually been able to relate will be the reason to get this project or if not then just been able to experience  some else's life through their music and take pieces of what you feel is also you.

To follow up on the last question, what are you most proud of with the EP and what's your favorite song on it?

The thing I am most proud of this E.P. is being able to complete the project and finding my a distribution company to release it in all digital store. I have made a stamp on my own music history regardless of the grade of its impact. To select my favorite track will depend on my mood but the track I feel reflects my life at the time of recording a lot was *PRESSURE* & *COME UP FLOW*. Once you listen to the stories on those two tracks you will understand why. The difficulties of life and the difficulties of trying to been someone in the goal you are trying to achieve.

Who are some of the artists you have influenced you to pick up the pen and pad and start creating your own music?

Artist that have influenced me has to start with Eminem, the first CD I ever bought was the slim shady single (real slim shady) I loaned it to someone but they never gave it back... that pissed me off lol but then learned about Dr. Dre, 50 Cent, 2pac, Nas, Kanye West, Jay Z, Lupe Fiasco, Lil Wayne and from the UK side of was Wiley the Godfather of Grime, Kano, Ghett, Wretch 32, Chip. There's a lot more but watching these guys and studying the method to their madness allowed to develop my own freedom in music.

What's the rap scene like in London? Is there a lot of local support from music fans for the type of music you and other London rappers are putting out?

London has had a great success with music with the rise of such talent as Skepta, KREPT and Konan, Stormzy, Lady Leshur, Chip, Bugzy Malone and plus more. Grime this has been officially made a genre on the iTunes list which shows its recognition on the mainstream scale. We have a vast amount of talent which is now transcending around the world and touring around Europe so now the idea is on how do we expand on that.

Tell us about your name Blaze Barnation; does it have a special meaning?

The name Blaze Barnation is pretty much on a play on word. As blaze is a synonym for fire and Barnation break it into two words Bar----Nation, so Nation of bars... when I use to write a lot I felt like that was what I was becoming in my own world... as for the blaze part I just thought I was writing hot pepper soup fire lol...plus I needed a second name because their was to many Blaze's out there lol.

With 2016 winding down, what are your goals musically for 2017?

As 2016 is coming to its last quarter, I really want to make a great stamp on the Music scene here and get a label deal either single or album. The plan for 2017 is to make a global impact with my music and go on several tours.

How important was it for you to conduct that interview on national TV (Channel 4) and to let the nation know about the music you are making?

Well to start off the documentary that I done was with a company that was associating themselves with Channel 4. They where not directly with channel 4 but in that respect I felt it was important to voice my opinion on how the rise of independent artists has impacted how musicians can make a living without major labels with the help of social media. How music has cut down some many barriers and racism, how UK Grime scene should be accepted as the music of this generation and generation to come, how bloggers like yourself help with exposing talent and how hard you have to work just to be heard and what other social media platform such as Twitter specifically can help undiscovered artist or media outlets.

Voicing my opinion was a great experience to have as I would hope they could take on board what could be done to better all of our goals and passions.

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