DCWS's Exclusive Q&A With Pop Singer-Songwriter Anna Renee

Anna Renee is a singer/songwriter who is known for incorporating sultry soul, pop, and urban vibes and exploring fresh new territory with each subsequent release. Once such example of this is Anna's DOPE single 'What You Seek', which she just released.  Anna's musical aesthetic demands attention, exploring aspects often forgotten in the mainstream pop industry, consistently releasing tracks designed to transfix and surprise listeners.  

We connected with Anna Renee for this exclusive interview simply because she is incredibly talented and is on her way to becoming a household name. After reading our Q&A with Anna, be sure to download her new single 'What You Seek' on iTunes and you'll understand why we hold her in such a high regard.

Being that you're a singer, songwriter and actress, at what point in the past did you realize that you were good enough to excel in all three?

Aside from acting in my music videos, I put acting on pause to focus on music and songwriting for the past two years. I did recently stat writing a web series with a friend where I'll be acting and singing and I'm very excited about the project! 

If you had to describe your music in three words, which ones would you choose?

Honest, reflective, intimate 

'What You Seek' is a great Pop track and your voice and vocal range really shine on it. Did you write the song yourself? And will we hear it on an upcoming EP or album?

Thank you! I cowrote the song with Daniel Rojas, Stephen Lukach and, Cazz Brindis, who are all producers on the EP as well. The song will be included! 

What have you learned about yourself as a singer-songwriter and artist overall since you released "The Places You'll Go" in 2014?

I've been learning how to trust and honor my self expression. 

What is your favorite song and who is your favorite artist?

Alt-J is my favorite band. I also saw Jack Garratt in concert recently and he shot right up there as one of my favorites. I don't have a favorite song, but one I love and have been listening to recently is Warm Foothills by Alt-J. 

Following up on the last question, how have they influenced you?

I was incredibly inspired by how connected Jack Garratt was to the music as he performed, and how much energy he gave to the audience. He was very authentic and carefree as well, a natural performer. 

Who would you love to share the stage with one day to perform your collaborative hit single?

No particular artist comes to mind. Someone with good positive energy! 

What are your goals and aspirations for 2017 as a singer-songwriter and actress?

I'm hoping to travel and do a small tour abroad. I've got the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Ireland on my mind. I'm also going to finish writing and hopefully filming the web series with my friend Libby Dorot, another talented musician. 

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