Ehbert Talice Discusses His Upcoming Album "Young Butterfly" And How His Haitian Culture Is Reflected In His Music

Ehbert Talice is a Haitian born, Las Vegas based rap artist who took a four year break from music and returned this past May to release "Resilient", his debut album and now he is back with another album entitled "Young Butterfly", due for release on December 28th. We connected with Ehbert to find out more about "Young Butterfly", the significance of the album title, how his Haitian culture is reflected in his music, his thoughts about the music scene in Las Vegas and much more. Be sure to stream/download "Young Butterfly" for free from Bandcamp.

Tell us about your upcoming project "Young Butterfly". What's the significance of the title?

Young Butterfly is something that is very special to me. I've been put down time after time during my music journey. & So many times, I've heard that I wasn't good enough. Young Butterfly is for every single person out there that has been told they couldn't do something or be something. We all have wings (dreams) we just need to find the courage to fly.

At what age did you leave Haiti to move from the United States and would you say that your Haitian culture and upbringing is reflected in your music?

I was about 3 or 4 years old when I left Haiti. My pops moved us out to the US to try to make a better life for us. And when it comes to music I think that you can hear my culture in my beat making and drum patterns.

How will "Young Butterfly" be different than your last release "Resilient" which dropped in May?

I think Resilient was a little more sad and about all the hardships I went through between 2012-2016. Young Butterfly is the story after that. Young butterfly is upbeat and uplifting and hopefully inspiring.

If you had to describe your music to a stranger in three words, which ones would you choose?

Gives you wings.

Will we be getting a visual from the "Young Butterfly" project? If so, which track?

Young Butterfly, and the Diamonds Interlude will all have visuals.  And possibly #NODAPL

What are your thoughts about the music scene in Las Vegas and why do you think there hasn't been a breakout rap artist emerge from the city?

I think that it's really hard to break out here in Vegas because of the venues. I'm planning on releasing a few EPs in 2017 and possibly moving to California to start my music journey. I think I'll have a much better chance with my style of music. 

Tell our readers why they should start listening to your music and stream/download "Young Butterfly" when it drops.

Young Butterfly is unique. The production is amazing and the punch-lines are clever while telling a story. This is some good workout/bike riding music, and it's free.

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