Ekelle's Exclusive Interview With Toronto Based RnB Artist Lust God

The first word that comes to mind when I think of the Lust God is intense! This singer-songwriter from Toronto really takes RnB music back to its roots with hi soulful sultry style. His lust and sex filled music takes you to another place, but in a good way. Most people try to combine raw sexual passion with their music, but the result is vulgarity. That is definitely not the case with the Lust God, although the music describes sexual scenarios, it’s still musical and something anyone with a sensual side can get into. He tells me that RnB music helped him to learn life and even how to talk to women! I got the chance to talk to the Lust God about his process and where he wants to go next.

So, Lust God, how did you manage to make our music so sexual without being vulgar? What’s your songwriting technique like?

My writing technique I think is fairly simple, I talk to the record like I'm having an intimate conversation with my lover, so she becomes the record.

So who exactly is your target market?

My target audience is anybody mature enough to relate to passion and a lust to be desired.

Where does the name “Lust God” come from, was it given to you or did you just make it up yourself?

The name "The Lust God" came as a gift while meditating. 

Where did you learn to sing like that? And who influences your musical style?

Lol thank you, I don't know I just ...sing. My musical inspiration is my life and the women that I'm lucky enough to have relations or situations with.

So I noticed that you’re often pictured with a guitar in hand, can you actually play it?

Yeah, I can play my songs lol I'm still learning a lot. The guitar in the photos actually represent the desire of a woman, I wanted the audience to see me intimate with something but still see themselves.

Are any of your songs based on real life situations with women?

All my songs are based off experiences with women or ideas for women I want to be with. The more passionate the relations, the better.

So what kind of women do you like?

Confident, sexually secure.

I noticed that you spruced up your Instagram page with a new vibe and concept, any special reasoning for that?

Thank you, I wanted to tastefully tease a little, I think it looks good but who knows it may change again!

What are your goals as an artist in the near future?

As an artist, I want the power of my music to reach people and remind them of what it's really like to touch your partner and be as intimate and free as possible, I want to continue doing that for the rest of my life.

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Asha Mullings aka Ekelle is a Toronto based artist, model, and writer. You can connect with her on Twitter and IG at #officialekelle.