Exclusive Interview With Bay Area Rap Artist Edword Evwrit About His New Album

Bay Area rap artist Edword Evwrit just released a very DOPE album entitled "these pants are uncomfortable" earlier this month and we linked up with him to find out how he got his start in music, his influences, what he's most proud of with the album and more. 

Tell us about how you got your start in music?

it started with my brothers and cousins. They formed a group called LunaClick when I was real young. I would always be in the room when they would record and listen to there songs on their mini disc player. At some point I started rapping for fun because they would make joke songs sometimes, and it was just for shits and giggles. Then I started writing for real and eventually I was a part of LunaClick. It's really all because of them that I'm doing any of this right now.

Coming from the Bay Area, there is a rich history of incredible music coming from artists of many diverse genres ranging from Hip-Hop, to RnB, Funk and Heavy Metal. Who are some of your musical influences? 

Rght now Kendrick Lamar is my biggest influence. He's the rapper i always strove to be. Everytime I think his music might decline because of how hard it is to be consistent and new, he just keeps on rising. He also makes the music that he wants to regardless of outside perception or expectation. If we're just speaking in terms of Bay artists then E-40 had the most influence for me growing up. He was so unique in his words and delivery you couldn't help but take notice. 

What does the title of your new release "these pants are uncomfortable" mean to you and what are you most proud of with it?

"these pants are uncomfortable" means I'm not gonna fit into everyone's idea of what I should be or sound like. I don't adhere to "normal" rap concepts or styles that you would hear most places. It also reflects on me personally. I'm a weird dude and don't fit into social standards. I get uncomfortable around people. I don't feel like i'm on the same wavelength with most humans. 

I'm proud of how personal I got with this album, but I am most proud of one song in particular entitled "individuals" because that was basically a message to my son. He's only 3 but when he gets older I hope he hears that and really receives what I'm trying to tell him.

Do you think the election of Donald Trump will influence your subject matter at all?

Honestly probably not. I'm not happy with him becoming president but politics was never really something I rapped about. Honestly I hate politics. I'm really gonna miss Obama though.

What should we all look forward to the most from you in 2017 musically?

For sure there should be videos coming out in 2017 if not sooner. Maybe I'll get around to trying to book shows next year as well. That's what people could expect in the forefront, but I know I'm gonna be working on my next album. I doubt it'll release in 2017 but I will be working on it. 

How would you describe your music to a stranger in three words?

Really really good.

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