Interview: Binghamton Based Rap Artist The Supreme Soup

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The Supreme Soup is a Binghamton based rap artist and producer who recently dropped the third single "Powerful", featuring Butta Ru, off his upcoming second album "Opus". We connected with Soup for a Q&A to find out more about the single, his upcoming album, the Hip-Hop music scene in Binghamton, and much more.

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Tell us about your new single "Powerful". How did you connect with Butta Ru for the track and who produced it?

I produced the track and had it sitting on my Mac for a couple months with my verses already laid. I actually went through several options for who I wanted to feature on this song. I originally wanted my close friend Moh Preme to take the spot, but he was busy with his own project and the other two or three guys I contacted couldn't do it, so I decided Butta would definitely be quick to jump on it. He's a hungry dude, so I knew he'd be with it. I was so anxious to get the track out, I got him a ticket to Binghamton so we could record his verse ASAP. Before we even did that though, I had to get him in a photoshoot for the cover. It was a trip well spent.

How would you say "Powerful" fits on your soon to be released second album thematically?

"Powerful" is a track to sort of "flip the script" in regards to the overall mood of the album. This album is going to be a bit melancholy in a sense before you hear "Powerful". It heads off the phase of the album in which I let my more cocky side take control. I've been going through several ups and downs through the completion of this project, which explains why both halves are so polarizing. I knew the album was going to be like that early on, so this song plays an important part.

What's the name of the album and when do you expect to drop it?

The album will be titled Opus. At the very latest, it will be out early next year.

Tell us about the name "The Supreme Soup". How did you come up with that?

Soup has always been my nickname since childhood. I added "The Supreme" to it very recently to differentiate myself a little bit more. "Supreme" is also a word that I orbit around often, because when I met my friend Moh Preme, we formed a duo called One SouPreme, since coincidentally our original names, Soup and Preme, formed the word "Supreme".

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How would you describe the music scene in Binghamton, specifically for Hip-Hop. Would you say that the locals are supportive of native artists?

I see a lot of dudes making moves in the Binghamton Hip Hop community. It seems like we are all starting to show each other more love than before. One thing I have to say is people in this city weren't taking Binghamton rappers seriously a couple years ago, now a lot of us are coming up and they have no choice. It's a small upstate city, so this type of music is harder to push to our demographic, of course, but when the artists work together to be heard, that's the first step. Binghamton has a strong music scene overall, but I really want to see some talented rappers performing at all of the downtown festivals.

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