Interview: Charlotte Based Rap Artist AcidTrip

AcidTrip interview

We connected with Charlotte based rap artist AcidTrip for this exclusive interview for one simple reason -- because he consistently drops DOPE music. One example being his new video "Serenade" and another is his recently released EP "LAZULi". Enjoy our Q&A with AcidTrip and then follow him on his social media streams and be sure to stream/download "LAZULi" below. 

What was your first experience with Hip-Hop and what attracted you to the music? Who were some of your musical influences?

My first memorable experience with Hip-Hop was when I saw the gin & juice video as a kid and when you're a kid you can only listen but once you're older that's when you really are able to appreciate the art.  In school I was listening to Three 6 Mafia, T.I, Dipset, Soulja Slim & all the hits that were considered crunk music, right before trap music started. I love all genres though. I always had a love for the 60s era too, so psychedelic music definitely is a major influence. But my favorite era of Hip-Hop was the golden age.

Salute to you on the new track "Serenade"; it's very dope. Who produced it and how did it come together?

Thank you. L.A. Cha$e produced that song. I love his sound. I found him on YouTube for another song called "Castles in the sky" and just wanted to go for a more mellow sound but still staying parallel with the message. It reminds me of some laid back Kendrick Lamar vibe so I had to put my style on it.

Describe your new EP "LAZULi" for us. Is "Serenade" a reflection of what we can expect from the EP?

LAZULi is basically an embodiment of all the experiences I've been through and knowledges I've come to believe I understand clearer now than I used to. It is a few versatile sounds because I'm a layered person but they are all cohesive to the overall theme I like to call the LAZULi State Of Mind.

How is your life and your struggles and triumphs reflected in your music?

I speak on pain from my past decisions but I also speak on evolution. I feel you can't have one without the other. One doesn't outweigh the other but it's moreso a duality. I feel if I'm going to speak on hope and happiness I have to talk about the darker rainy days when I was in sorrow and losing myself only to find who I truly was from the start. 

Following up on the last question, what are your thoughts about the urban music scene in Charlotte, specifically for Hip-Hop. Would you say that the locals are supportive of the homegrown talent such as yourself?

I believe there is support in Charlotte but to be honest it's a popularity contest these days. I don't think it's by choice but we live in a society of social media and to many numbers matter more than diversity. I've heard people in Charlotte, Durham and Raleigh who are serious artists but are somewhat underrated because they don't have numbers. I feel content and quality of the music should matter more than numbers that way it's fair for the ones who don't. Like a network or spiderweb but a lot of times I've seen artists get criticized because so many people rap these days, some people won't even take you serious. So I definitely feel it could be better but I feel it will in due time because NC has a lot of great talents. 

AcidTrip rap artist

Are you and your people already planning for the 2019 NBA All-Star game in Charlotte?

No not really it's a big Move and I'm happy about it but the only plans I have is to move forward and evolve. I want to be the change I want to see and focus on making music that will inspire change so For that reason I don't have much interest for sports like I used to. 

When you are not writing or in the studio, what do you like to do during your free time?

I love reading and I love being in nature. Those 2 activities alone help me stay grounded because I feel I have to balance out the music so I don't overwork myself.

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