Interview: Delaware Based Rap Artist Prentice

Prentice rap artist interview

Prentice is an extremely talented emcee out of Cool Spring, Delaware who recently released a DOPE new track entitled "Turn U On", featuring the production of Pinero Beats. We connected with Prentice for a Q&A to find out how his new single came about, whether we will be able to hear it on an upcoming project, his thoughts about the support of locals in his hometown and much more.

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Salute to you on your new track "Turn U On"; it's a very DOPE joint. Tell us about how this song came about and how you selected the instrumental for it.

I appreciate it man. Well I actually had part of the hook already from another instrumental that I was working on. I planned on naming that song "Turn U On" as well but I had a change of heart and left it alone. Then I was on YouTube one night and stumbled across Pinero's work. From there it led me to the "Turn U On" beat and once I heard it I wanted to keep listening to it. Then as I started thinking about what to say, the "Turn U On" hook had resurfaced so I ran with it.

What part of Delaware are you from and would you say that for the most part the locals support homegrown talent like yourself? And why do you think there hasn't been a breakout rap artist from Delaware yet?

I'm from a small area outside of Milton called Cool Spring and the locals support for sure. It's hard to say why no one has broken out yet but around my way it's not a whole lot of people that rap to begin with.

Would you say that many of your musical influences coming up were from Philly or NYC since you are relatively close to those areas?

Definitely! Rocafella, State Property, X, Ruff Ryders, Bad Boy, all that.

What was the experience like to be on Shade 45 for DJ Kay Slay’s show in NYC?

It made me realize how ready I wasn't. Here I am in Delaware thinking I was good to go, then I got to the studio and clammed up. I had little to no interview experience and it showed. I had met Chinx Drugz, rest in peace; and I was under the impression that he was feeling me so I had gave him one of my CDs. For all I know he could've thrown it away but if he was interested, he had no way to get up with because I didn't even have my contact info on it. So needless to say the experience was an eye-opener.

Prentice rap music

Will we be able to hear "Turn U On" as part of an upcoming mixtape, EP or album soon?

A friend of mine actually asked me that last night so my mind's already going but I don't have a date set. I do however have a title in mind for the next project and as of right now "Turn U On" is a part of it.

What are your goals musically for the remainder of 2017?

Just to keep releasing more material. Songs, videos, and continue to get it out there.

When you are not working on new music, what do you enjoy doing the most?

Hanging out at home watching tv. I have a few different shows that I'm into right now. I like Power the most. But I don't do much.

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