Interview: Groton, Conn Based Rap Artist Vzathegreat

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Vzathegreat is a Groton, Conn based rap artist who just released a very DOPE track entitled "Skybound". We connected with the talented emcee for an exclusive interview to find out how his life experiences growing up in small town, USA are reflected in his music, what's up with his crew Black Suburbia, and much more.

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Tell us about how your life experiences growing up in Groton, Conn are reflected in your music? Is it a typical small town environment?

Growing up in Groton is weird, man.  There's such little crime compared to other surrounding areas and due to the fact that we are such a small town people tend to think nothing goes on over here.  But the truth is a lot goes down as far as drug addiction.  Everybody pops pills out here and they have been since before this whole xan rap thing got going.  I almost succumbed to that same addiction because of the dark place I was in, which is why I always bring it up in my lyrics.  People from my town aren't happy either, so when I make songs like "Skybound" it's not just about me, its about all of us.  I honestly don't know if it's a typical small town vibe, but comparing it to other small ones I've been to I'd say it's not quite the same.

How did you and Ricky Felix connect to create the "Skybound track"? Did you already have an idea for the song prior to choosing the instrumental?

RJ was supposed to send the group some beats for awhile and eventually he got the folder together and sent it.  This beat was in there and I just kind of wrote it really quickly and laid it down in the studio.  There wasn't too much forethought with it. 

What's up with your group Black Suburbia? How did you connect with the other members and will you guys be dropping any new music soon?

Black Suburbia is actually all just a bunch of my friends.  I went to school with Exodus Freeman (Justin) and NA Alias (Josh) in like first grade or something crazy like that and we've literally been the three musketeers since then.  We split up when high school came and that's where I met Fame (Elijah), Dougie (Mark) and Twayne the Kidd (Ty-riq).  Eventually Justin told me he had an idea for a group, I told him I knew some people and we formed.  Originally it was a friend of ours named Jeffery and another named Derrick but one got kicked and the other kind of just left.  As far as new music, Justin, Elijah and Mark all have projects coming out.  Justin's is coming out next month, Elijah's this winter and Mark's sometime next year.  If they don't fuck it up then they're gonna be really interesting projects.

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Will the "Skybound" track be a part of an upcoming EP, mixtape, or album?

"Skybound" is just a loose single, but I do have a project coming next year.

Why is it important for you to address your struggles with depression in your music? 

Nobody talks about depression.  The ones that do are so limited.  It's a major issue, especially in the black community.  Black people as a whole tend to write off depression and other mental illnesses as just "white people shit" or label you "a pussy" for being hurt by things and letting them affect you.  The truth is it's just a human issue.  So many mental illnesses aren't properly diagnosed, if they're even diagnosed to begin with.  So I feel like if I start opening up about my own personal struggles and how I'm dealing with them, some kid out there will relate and not feel the need to turn to drugs, alcohol or worse.  

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