Interview: Oklahoma-City Based RnB Artist Novi Tide

Novi Tide interview

Next up for an exclusive Q&A with DCWS is Oklahoma's very own Novi Tide. We connected with this talented RnB artist for this interview after we posted his new video "How Do You Feel" and we touch on a few topics related to the music scene in OK, his creative process and much more.

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Tell us about how your name "Novi Tide" came about. What does the moniker mean?

The name "Novi Tide" came about in the rebranding of my artistry from a marketing perspective, I have belief in my writing abilities and my over all sound while bringing a different style and flavor so I consider myself to be 'The New Wave" of authentic music so the Novi like novice or beginning and Tide like the waves.

How have the ups and downs of your childhood in the foster home system and situations in street life molded you as an artist?

Experience, it has molded who I am the things that I have been through have been life lessons and allows me to be able see the world in many perspectives. my Journey has taught me to care and have genuine interest in other people and be non judgmental. Life has made me a student actively learning and enhancing who I am and the relationships I can build and spread that love to others!

I was in a situation back in 2009 looking at 8 to 16 years but was able to beat what was put against me. It made me start thinking in a legal form of life something I've seen but had yet to experience meanwhile I got friends and family doing time for a few years to the 20's and 30's and also my best friend and cousin getting life and my troubles prohibits me to visit. So its a lot of emotion into my writing.

Because of your experiences in life, why is it important for you to be a positive influence to your listeners? 

I feel its important to be a positive influence, because some people are lost and don't even know it... I've been there before. I write to have the listener think about moments in their life to reflect upon, to see if they learned anything from that moment or learn from decisions made. I think as people we are getting away from loving ourselves as if we need others to do it for us. a lyric I wrote on a upcoming song says, "If you can't love yourself how you gonna love somebody else". I want to be able to relate with stories of my perspectives to keep listeners attention.

Congrats on your new visual for "How Do You Feel"; it's very DOPE. Who directed the video and how did you guys come up with the treatment?

Dope. Thank You. Love. Terrell Mayes a.k.a Director T. Mayes of Different View Media shot and edited my video . Yea, bro hard with the visuals. Stupid behind that camera. Lol when I hit up T. Mayes about the video he said "you want light treatment?' I said "yea if you got lights bring em" then he told me it the story or plot of the video. Initially I didn't have a clue I just knew I wanted my video to have a different look from anything I've seen. I asked a few people at my job to be in the video but I was unsure who would show. Shout out to the cast, they did a great job acting! I got a chance to be a director on set, coming up with the concept on spot with a story line that correlates with the song.

Can we expect to hear "How Do You Feel" on an upcoming EP or album soon?

Right now I have a few singles I'm running with to do campaigns for each one, I have a lot written and also recorded, but I'm really focusing on building my fan base, my social medias presence and sales as a independent artist. So I'll just tune in for whats to come.

Tell us about your creative process. How do you avoid writer's block and what do you look for in production?

When I feel I've got writers block, then that's all I have for the beat at that moment, I simply change the beat. Most of the time the beat writes the song for me. The feel, the energy, the melodies and how hard the beat bang. That gives me an idea of what setting I'm in as a listener then a concept flows off the setting. Ill start singing gibberish while humming a melody like a instrument I would like on the beat then put words to the melody I created. God has gifted me, I'm very thankful.

Novi Tide music

Describe the music scene where you are based in Oklahoma. Are locals supportive of the music originating in the city?

I'll say this, I'm my hometown which is Ardmore, Ok where people actually know me I get the support and its all love. I now live in Oklahoma City, and there is support and stuff going on to build artist but most people here are clicked up with people they grew up with or have known for a long time not necessarily because the music or the ability to make money from it... I see most people are mostly thinking about right now money and have no site on the bigger picture far as linking together putting ideas together choosing what is a good representation off all those involved, creating a campaign and putting money behind the project everyone believe's in. Oklahoma has great artist, dope producers and a overall a sound that needs to be heard.

OKC is supportive online, but what I think it is; is people on the Oklahoma hip-hop and RnB scene hasn't seen anyone sign to a major label or do it independently on a major platform level except "Nitro" but that was years ago, so people really just don't know how to support yet. I've done shows in different places like Dallas, Miami and its like they show support because they are wanting to be apart of the next person to blow. Oklahoma is a bit different, but sleep no longer Oklahoma on the rise though!

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