Interview: Queens Based Rap Artist And Executive Sean Conn

Sean Conn interview

Straight from the borough of legendary emcees and groups like Nas, MC Shan, LL Cool J, Mobb Deep, and Capone & Noreaga, comes Sean Conn, who just dropped off his new visual "The Highlight". This video is currently serving as our "DOPEST of the Week" feature, so it's only right that we touch based with Sean Conn to find out what makes Queens such a breeding ground for DOPE artists, learn more about his upcoming project "The Man With The Golden Mic" and much more.

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What is it about your home borough of Queens that for the past almost 40 years has made it such fertile grounds for dope rap artists? 

They say we got palatmum in the water over in Queens lol. Pretty much Queens came out the gate with platinum hits thanks to Run DMC and they set the tone for Queens Quality Music. My Boro has single handedly sold the most records in Hip Hop history whether it's L.L. Cool J, Ja Rule, 50 Cent, Nas, Salt N Pepa, Kid N Play, Onyx, Nicki Minaj and so on. We keep the hits coming.

Salute to you on your new video "The Highlight"; the visuals match the song perfectly and the scene out in LA takes it to another level. How was it decided to take the shoot to the west coast and what did you enjoy most about the experience?

Thank you, I wrote the treatment for the record and chose California for the setting because it fit the vibe of the song. I must say I love the west coast the energy and surroundings are so different from N.Y. I enjoyed engaging with the people and building new fans along the journey that's the most satisfying part. 

What do you enjoy most about being an emcee, especially being one from New York, and what frustrates you the most?

What I enjoy most about being an emcee is the art of creativity Hip Hop itself is full of creative energy. A true emcee to me is one who bleeds honesty, Realism diversity in style and flow as well as subject matter I enjoy being a well rounded artist from N.Y. that sounds like I'm from N.Y. What frustrates me the most in today's music Is the lack of diversity everyone is sounding the same or trying to follow the last train or wave that became popular I don't feel that we're reaching out to all levels of hip hop in all dimensions but That's why am here it's my mission to restore the feeling.

Tell us about your upcoming project "The Man With The Golden Mic". When is it dropping and what can we all expect from it?

The Man With The Golden Mic will be dropping on August 25th. What you can expect from it is me paying homage to the Golden Age of hip hop that I was raised off of but still applying a new age twist. This album will have a song for just about everybody it is a well rounded piece of art. The production is outstanding and takes you on many different levels I have some special guest appearances on here from artist that I respect. I'm on a secret mission to create a classic LP. 

Can you tell us anything about your "Quest For The Golden Mics" video game or is it top secret for now?  

Quest for the Golden Mics is an old school arcade style beat-em up mobile game . Starring the myself Sean Conn, Guide him through the world of Hiphopia saving the City from Shady Executives, Corrupted Club Owners and Mumble Rappers while searching for the legendary Golden Microphones to restore peace and music back into the city. *FEATURES*
Classic Arcade Gameplay comes to your mobile phone. The Story of the Hiphopia City and The Vorce. Comic Book Style Graphics. One handed easy to use joystick style controls from the SC00-MIX Able to Run, Jump, Punch, Kick and Grab with Sean Conn Able to Slow down and Pause Time!  Control Sean Conn's speed and power with the tempo slider!  Switch to a slower tempo for easier gaming with the 33/45 BPM buttons 5+ levels and mini stages Featuring Tracks from Sean Conn's The Man with Golden Mic Album Featuring an old school Video game Soundtrack for “Classic mode” Game dropping August 25th.

What kind of work did you have to put in to be named the 5x Guinness world record holder for the longest continuous rap cypher in history 24 hours nonstop? 

In 2007 I was part of the first ever Rapathon Held in the Magic Johnson theater at the Hip Hop Culture center in Harlem New York. The cypher was set off by the legendary Kool Herc And it had 100 Emcees in a non stop cypher with no cursing for 24 hours straight. It was sponsored by TNT Hot97 and Converse. We broke our own record 5 times in a row all the way up to 28 hours non stop. By the 5th Rapathon I was chosen out of a special 7 emcees to rock for 20 hours straight out of the 28 hours. I am proud to be a part of that history in Hip Hop.

Would do you consider your biggest accomplishment in music thus far?

My biggest accomplishment is starting my own company Vigga Entertainment and putting a plan together for my blueprint to success which includes my album and video game. The freedom of independence is amazing there are huge sacrifices but the gains are greater. Perseverance discipline and faith are key success is happiness and I found that with the mission I am on.

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