Exclusive Interview With the Next Great American Rap Collective The PNTHN

Photo credit: Adam Hamze

Photo credit: Adam Hamze

The PNTHN may just be the next great American rap collective following in the footsteps of the Wu-Tang Clan, A$AP Mob, Dungeon Family, Odd Future, and TDE. Comprised of over ten members ranging from vocalists, a producer, and DJ, these guys out of San Marcos, TX represent what Hip-Hop does best, which is promote creativity. This creativity is clearly evident in The PNTHN's recently released mixtape "From Disorder", so it's only right that we connect with these guys for an exclusive interview. 

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Who are the members of The PNTHN and how did you guys all meet?

LEFT TO RIGHT (Yellow Store Picture) 
Standing L to R –
Tony Tone (vocalist) 
Kenny casanova (vocalist) 
Dc4prez (vocalist) 
Ra (vocalist) aka (twohorizon - producer) 
Jedi Chancellor (vocalist) aka (The Chicano Negrodamus - producer) 
Pink Ranger (vocalist)
2nd row L to R – 
Por vida (producer) 
YD (vocalist) 
Otto Beats (DJ & producer)

*not pictured are 2 vocalists Starboy Junior and Nappy James

We all met from back home or college but we all linked together through living in San Marcos. 

Being that there are six members of the group, each with different vantage points and ideas, how do you decide who appears on what track?

We have a certain unexplained chemistry in The PNTHN; many of us can recognize what beats sound best with every member. The in-house producers of the track often pick the artists to record on the beat. A lot of the time the song is produced organically, we can bust out a song in a couple hours if the vibe is right. 

Tell us about the "From Disorder" mixtape. Who were the producers on the project and how did you come to a consensus about which songs made the cut to appear on the mixtape?

From Disorder represents the idea that everything in the universe started from chaos or disorder much like the demeanor of The PNTHN. This mixtape represents our starting point with it being our first project release. Staying true to the mixtape title, the composition of the tape was very disorderly. We announced the release of From Disorder a month before the drop, 3 days before we scrapped the whole tape and reorganized it with new songs and a completely different track list. 

Describe a typical live show by you guys. I'm sure it gets pretty crazy.

Imagine a concoction of sexy women, hard raps, MOSHPITS and humidity from the sweat in a warehouse packed with DIY decorations and the holy spirit, and by doing that, you’ll be able to visualize what a PNTHN show would look like at half power. A PNTHN show in its final form is the rap apocalypse.

It's hard to listen to your music and watch your visuals and not see a resemblance to Odd Future. Do a lot of people compare you guys to them or see you as the next Odd Future since they have disbanded? 

We may get compared to OF sometimes, but we really strive to be our own brand of hip hop and creativity. All of us we’re big fans and witnessed the rise and fall of OF so it’s impossible to say were not influenced by them. We’re Odd Future…but boneless.

If you had to describe The PNTHN to a stranger in three words, which ones would you select?

Krusty, dusty, musty

With 2017 winding down and 2018 around the corner, what are your goals for next year?

This upcoming year, we’re looking to spread our name across the country through touring and branding while also making more music for our first studio album as well as branching out to other aspects of art and media like, film and fashion. We want PNTHN to be a recognized brand
to the mass audience. 

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