Exclusive Interview With UK Based Pop Singer-Songwriter David Mark Bulley

David Mark Bulley

David Mark Bulley is a UK based Pop singer-songwriter whose visual for his song "Where Do We Go From Here" is one of our favorites of the year thus far. We connected with this very talented artist to discuss his upcoming EP "Prologue", how he deals with writer's block, what he enjoys most about performing live and much more.

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When did you discover that you had the gift to sing and who are some of your earliest influences?

When it comes to singing I always think there is room for improvement. I always want to develop my vocal ability. I’m my worst critic and sometimes I’ll be like “David that performance sucked!” I think it’s a good way to think of it so that you can progress. I’m completely in awe of artists such as Adele, Celine Dion, Stevie Wonder. Michael Jackson, the classics.

As a songwriter, how do you deal with writer’s block?

Honestly… I leave it. I spent 5 years writing a song that won’t actually feature on the album but I’m releasing it this Summer. You have to take your time. Why rush? Music is a beautiful thing and if it doesn’t come from the heart how can you expect it touch the hearts of others?

As a fan of the Purge movies myself, I commend you on a very dope video for “Where Do We Go From Here”; who directed the visual and how long did it take to shoot?

Thank you so much! My best friend Robert Oliver West directed the video and I co-directed which was really fun. We planned for months prior to filming and love getting creative when it comes to music videos. It took us a day to film and it was so cold!

What do you enjoy most about performing live? Do you have a favourite song to perform?

Honestly I just love performing. Meeting those people who have supported me whether it be 5 years or 5 days. It’s such an inspiring and positive environment to be in. I wouldn’t say I have a favourite song to perform but I do enjoy mixing up my songs to give it a different feel every time I perform.

What can we expect from your upcoming debut EP?

It’s titled "Prologue". I’m so excited. It’s straight from the heart. It explores all the different emotions that a person can go through!

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