Exclusive Premiere: "Burn Up Alive" by HiRSH

HiRSH exclusive feature - Burn Up Alive.JPG

DCWS is unleashing Los Angeles-based alt-pop artist HiRSH's new music video for the anthemic “Burn Up Alive” as an exclusive premiere today.  The track explores the angst that comes along with artistic creation and quiet desperation of desire - the need to break through and be truly seen and heard, as well as the fear of disappearing and the pain of being invisible. 

HiRSH says of “Burn Up Alive”: 

Henry David Thoreau said, “Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and die with their song still inside them.” This song explores just that. The need to create and express, and the fear that it will never be heard. That it will get stuck inside or lost along the way. Its intense but totally real, just like the struggle. 

Enjoy the "Burn Up Alive" visuals (directed by Cameron Uranick) and be sure to follow HiRSH on his social media streams below.

About HiRSH: 

HiRSH grew up in Northern California, where he devoured his father’s large record collection. His musical tastes run the gamut, from classic rock to Bay Area hip-hop to indie rock and electro pop, and once he started making his own, he couldn’t stop. 

HiRSH started his solo project in early 2016, when he realized he had music pouring out of him and felt the need to pursue it. Always looking for the perfect melody, lyric, and sound to draw out pure feeling in his listeners, his sound is ever evolving. That being said, HiRSH has already established a signature sound, penning songs centered around themes of freedom, expression and the constant pursuit of both.

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