Fanburst Is The Best Music Sharing Platform Made For Artists

Fanburst is a new platform whose mission it is to build the most artist friendly music sharing platform available. The key word is FREE. The founders of Fanburst, based in Australia and the US, believe that artists have the right to create, upload, and share music at no costs and that there should be no barriers to entry for the next great artist. There are currently tens of thousands of artists on the platform and it's growing super quick. Fanburst is a great place to catch new fans for emerging and established artists. Check out a few of the artists who have profiles below: 

Darker Than Wax:
Still vor Talent:
Bastard Jazz Recordings:


Fanburst has a bunch of features rolling out, including their Creators Program, which will help artists make money selling merch and concert tix, while growing their fanbase and enabling them to make a living from their music. If you are interested in participating in this partner program, send an email to and they will let you know when it is ready to go.

Fanburst also has an amazing mixtape/album tool and incredible analytics that is by far the best way to host, upload, and release a mixtape. You simply upload your tracks, Fanburst will .zip it up for you, and it's honestly seamless.  They hated the fact that artists use MediaFire, Dropbox, and Hulkshare to create zips, so they made it easier.

We personally use Fanburst for our Dope Digital music label artists (Don Neil and Marc Anthony Figueras) and we highly recommend it to artists and labels who are serious about sharing their music for FREE on an easy to use platform and growing their fanbase. We also recommend it to music fans who are on the lookout for the next great thing!

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