Father of R. Kelly Victim Asks - Did Victims Not Get Recognized Simply Because They Are Black?

Image Credit: Getty Images

Image Credit: Getty Images

When the words “R. Kelly victim” come to mind, you might be thinking about that sex-with-a-minor incident that the singer came under fire for years ago. Unfortunately, the age of scandal for Mr. Kelly isn’t over yet - some bizarre interviews were recently released with another woman who belongs to Kelly’s current Hefner-esque “cult” of women that have seemingly been groomed since their teenage years, and are now fully brainwashed by the RnB singer. 

A few months back, Jerhonda Pace sat down for an interview where she referred to herself as being part of Kelly’s “sex cult”. She was introduced to a female trainer who taught her to perform sexual acts on the star at just 16 years old.  She also spoke out about how the artist’s physical abuse, and how he would often lock her in a room for multiple days. She managed to her escape using a lie about needing to get a pair of shoes from a family member’s place, and never turned back.

This past summer, multiple parents of women in their late teens or early twenties accused the artist of hiding their daughters in a “cult” and forbidding them to leave. While some women spoke out saying they were there of their own volition, many are suggesting Stockholm Syndrome as the reason for this. 

One father of a victim is suggested that nothing has been done about this atrocious situation because Kelly is targeting women that no one  chooses to defend. These are women of color. Where Weinstein’s victims ignite sympathy, Kelly’s are swept under the rug. Angelo Clary spoke on his daughter Azriel, who is facing this situation, but in denial of it. So he took matters into this own hands, with a video.

(link to video) http://www.tmz.com/2018/01/31/r-kelly-alleged-cult-member-azriel-clary-dad/?adid=TMZ_Search_Results

He raises a fair point - though the Weinstein and Cosby accusers were mostly white, some did include women of color such as Lupita Nyong'o and Beverly Johnson. But for the most part, the spotlight has been on the white accusers, and the ensuing compassion as well.

Do you believe that race and the injustice for black women in America is the reason why Kelly’s crimes are being ignored? Is it just another predicament of victim blaming, as opposed to properly allocating the blame to the actual predator?  

Or is it because he’s a beloved RnB icon in the eyes of many, who don’t want to see their favorite musicians reputation tarnished? 

He wasn’t found guilty in 2008 or when he married the underage Aaliyah, and still hasn’t been held accountable to this day. We applaud Angelo Clary for speaking out and wanting to protect his daughter, as well as shedding more light on a possible sordid truth that many are desperate to ignore. 

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