Former Artic Monkey's Bassist GOLDTEETH Celebrates the Release of His Second Single and Self-Titled Debut EP

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Following the release of debut single “Doin Better”, GOLDTEETH returns with his second installment - “The Thunder” - featuring the vocals of Hannah Yadi.


“The Thunder” coincides with the release of his self-titled debut EP which just dropped.

Speaking on the release, GOLDTEETH says "as a song, it came really quick. I remember writing the guitar part to the drums and thinking this could be something, then Yadi & I wrote and recorded the vocals in the same day; I didn’t even need to do any additional production after. It was one of those songs that came and went quick so we had to capture it at that speed."

“The Thunder” is the second single from his self-produced, genre bending EP While the bass still remains his main weapon of choice, the last decade has seen Andy Nicholson appear in a vast array of forms. Whether it be as a founding member and bassist of the hip hop and indie-rock hybrid Mongrel, or as a studio producer working with the likes of Toddla T, Swindle, Tom Prior and Terri Walker to name a few - Nicholson has continued to stay active and contributing to Sheffield’s iconic music history.

Working in the shadows allowed Nicholson to find a comfort zone and, in turn, a consistency, that to this day hasn’t faltered or failed. More recent times have found Nicholson finding and defining his own unique sound. Never afraid to pick up a pen as well as an instrument, GOLDTEETH has given him the time and space to literally transfer more of his ideas on to paper through co-writing with Hannah Yadi (Frank Gamble).

The self-titled EP is an honest and heartfelt manifesto of unfinished sympathy - A final statement of 'this is me, take me as I am'. It's an acknowledgement of self worth and hope that love does exist and that it can survive through the turbulent times we live in.

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