Four Brazilian Baile Funk Favela Artists To Spice Up Your Life

When you think of Brazilian music, you might think of the calming Bossa Nova you heard as a child, perhaps something that reminds you of the soft melody of “Ipanema Girl” that lulled you to sleep. You probably heard it on a road trip with your parents. But this type of Brazilian music, that is what you could call contemporary baile funk, or funk carioca, is a more in-your-face, and offensive than Bossa Nova. But that’s what makes these Brazilian working class anthems even better.


A little less raunchy than most on this list, he draws inspiration from the Bossa Nova era as well, with a more fluid and jazzy vibe to it. The perfect accompaniment to a night of blazing or a rooftop brunch. Chill vibes with a rhythm that still makes you want to swing your hips. He's a supremely talented producer, and an international force to be reckoned with, frequently collaborating with artists of the reggaeton, dancehall and lyrical variety.

MC Bin Laden

There's something primal about the bare bones nature of some of his tracks, along with his slightly terrifying look, that makes us keep coming back for more. His flow blends hip hop and favela anthems with slapping drums that'll make it hard not to nod you head. 

MC Pedrinho

Pedro Maia's, hard-hitting flow, beats and lyrics are hard not to twerk to, but when you find out that he was born in 2002, that might make you feel a little weird. His lyrics are super sexual and perfect the ruthless, raw beats that will get people grinding at a party, as long as you can forget that he's 14 years old. 

Marginal Men

The Marginal Men mix baile funk with more afro-flavored beats and an extra dose of wobbly bass -  their intense tracks fill the room. These guys are still relatively undiscovered but we don't think it’ll stay that way for long! They’ve been featured on Boiler Room and Red Bull Music Academy, and the adrenaline rush of tracks like this one featuring Omulu make us anxious for more.