Freda James Explores Self-Love and Womanhood on Her Debut EP "A Woman Alone"

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Freda James' “A Woman Alone” EP is a collection of sonic diary entries chronicling her discovery of self-empowerment and womanhood. Out now on all streaming platforms, the EP showcases Freda's dynamic range of pop compositions, from slow burning ballads ("Soft") to dark disco grooves ("Just Like Wind").

Freda James is as a breath of fresh air in the indie-pop landscape, fusing elements of soul, disco, RnB and pop influences to create a unique and captivating sound. Her debut EP includes three previously released singles - “Horrified," "Bound To You" and "Just Like Wind" - as well as two brand new tracks - "Soft" and “A Woman Alone.” There is no topic that Freda shies away from, singing about love, body image, and womanhood. The EP artwork is completely unedited, showing Freda’s cellulite and so-called imperfections, a reflection of the authenticity that the EP itself has in store for the listener.

These are songs that I wrote from my experiences searching for love outside of myself, without knowing that self-love was the thing I needed most,” Freda James writes. “I was living in Brooklyn on unstable ground for so much of my early career, and it was a process to figure out how to love myself. This EP is the diary of that.

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Listen to the “A Woman Alone” EP below on your preferred music service and be sure to connect with Freda James on her social media.

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