Free The Optimus Releases New Live Album and Video "Asheville Downtown Live"

FTO - Asheville Downtown Live.jpg

Free The Optimus just released a full length album entitled “Asheville Downtown Live”, recorded live a month ago in front of 3,000 people in downtown Asheville, NC right before The Pharcyde blasted off with their own live band-backed festival set. The live album is 75 minutes with a live band and is a beautiful new chapter in the FTO catalog. The album features C.Shreve the Professor, Mike L!VE, and Marissa Blake on vocals, DJ Jet on turntables, and JBOT (drums, keys, guitar) throughout.

Free The Optimus also released an official video to accompany the project with longtime FTO collaborator Andrew Anderson entitled "Carolina Proud". Check the visuals out below and stream the live album on Bandcamp. Also, be sure to follow Free The Optimus on their social media and share the album and video with anyone you know who appreciates real Hip-Hop!

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