Free The Optimus Releases New Single "Family Tree" With C.Shreve & Mike L!VE

Free The Optimus lyricists C.Shreve the Professor and Mike L!VE just released another collaboration from their forthcoming album FTOLive. On "Family Tree" Shreve and L!VE contrast a laid back soundscape (courtesy of Japanese producer minthaze) with the razor sharp lyricism that has become their trademark. 

You want in the game? Try it out, make a team / But it’s step by step and rep by rep, there ain’t no fakin dreams / You foolin yourself, you lost in that illusion / Your two cents that’s the cost of solutions

And if you needed paper, I‘d give every cent to you / You my right hand but I sacrifice a limb for you / Fam forever, God knows / So here’s a pine cone with the Fibonacci spiral / Love in that, heart beat cuz it’s love in that / Build with the contract and chop it up with lumberjacks

FTO members have often described their connections as a brotherhood. Family Tree is a demonstration of both their foundation and their goals. 
"Link the ground to the sky, and that's a Family Tree." 

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