Frequent Flyer Miles

Doubtless, if you follow the website, you’ve noticed there have been significantly fewer postings as of late. With the new record label, we’ve been pretty busy diverting our attention away from writing. However, that doesn’t mean our reporters have been slacking. Music writer Carmen R. Lawrence has spent the last month meeting with several bands, conducting interviews, hitting up concerts, revamping her Spotify playlists, and flying across the country for her research. In a quick and expansive article, she wants to share all of what she’s done with you.

Getting to Know Missio

If you haven’t yet read Carmen’s interview with Missio, you’ve got to check it out on our website. After conducting the interview, Carmen stayed in touch with the guys and eagerly awaited the announcement of their Midwest tour dates. The Crush Me Tour has, indeed, crushed it as the duo has toured around the Midwest, though Carmen was unable to see their Chicago show as she had to bolt out of the city to hurry down to North Carolina to do her civic duty and catch a show with Great Good Fine Okay (see below). Also be certain to check out their new single, Twisted!


More Than Great Good Fine Ok in Charlotte

Bolting down to Charlotte for a casual but amazing show in the gorgeous indie Visulite Theatre, Carmen was able to snag a post-show interview with the alternative electronic group. The founders, Brooklyn-born Jon Sandler and Luke Moellman, were the gracious kinds of artists that put their instruments down after the show, got a sip of water, and walked into the audience to talk with adoring fans that had followed them around the state. Their international tour had still not over-inflated their egos and they were sweet enough sit with this reporter for a moment, Jon still in his mismatched sequined thrift store finds, for a quick interview.

Carmen (C): So how’s your time in North Carolina been?

Jon (J): It’s been beautiful. Our shows [in both Raleigh in Charlotte] have been our favorites on this tour so far.

Luke (L): We’d never played in Charlotte before.

J: Tonight was a little bit crazy.

L: I didn’t know my brother was coming, it was a big surprise, he got the chance to [join us on stage and] play the keytar.

J: North Carolina in general has had such bonkers audiences.

C: I noticed that, you have quite a following in this state in particular. I talked to a few fans that have followed you from show to show, that come back to see you every time you’re in the state. There was one guy I talked to that mentioned one of the main reasons he loves coming to see you is to see what Jon is going to wear!

J: So… I have a lot of different outfits, a lot of coats, I bring a lot with me on tour. And I just decide the night of the show what mood I’m in, what I’m feeling, and that’s it! It’s really as simple as that.

C: What about your opening act? The Dreamers have a very different style from yours.

J: Well we got a list of bands and we listened to them all and... it’s hard! You know, so many bands submit! We kind of just picked the one that we liked and that we wanted to work with and that we heard good things about. The Dreamers are just the nicest guys, they’re awesome.

C: Hate to ask the dreaded question but, after the tours around the southeast and up in the Midwest, what’s next for you guys?

L: People are always asking us, what’s next?!

J: It is a lot of tour, breath, tour, breath, but on February first, what do we do? It’s basically like… write music, record, make content, tour. That’s pretty much our life. And it’s awesome because you get to rotate between those four things, you just have to stay fresh on those four things.

L: It’s making music, it’s the best.

J: It’s what we want to do! We’re constantly thinking about how we can make things special for our fans, thinking outside the box, and it’s a lot of being flexible and going where the wind blows.

Thanks again to Great Good Fine Ok, who Carmen will surely see again when they make it to Chicago!


Catching Up With Max Frost

After trying to get an interview with the surprisingly elusive Max Frost for weeks, he finally shot back a quick message to Carmen’s personal account happy to report that he’s “working on a record right now that will be an introduction of a whole new style from me. It will be a risk, but I think in the right way. I’ll be continuing my one man band tour this November on the west coast so, if you’re around to catch a date, please do!” We’re all certainly looking forward to hearing Max’s new style and, though a personal interview is hard to get with this guy, we recommend everyone stalk his snapchat at snapmaxfrost.

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