From The Ground Up With DT: A Show For Artist Development And Great Music

Carib101Radio in Brampton, Ontario houses a new type of show on their usually Caribbean themed program. The show, From the Ground Up with DT (Ground Up), is hosted by DT the Artist, who has been featured on before, along with Taesia, the booking manager and myself, Ekelle, the music director. The show is a mixture of advice for upcoming artists as well as seasoned artists, personal anecdotes from the hosts and fun and games, of course. The show airs on Wednesdays and Fridays on Carib101Radio from 6-8pm.

Our goals are to provide helpful information to artists trying to make it in the maze that is the music industry, to shed some light on new talent, inform of helpful events/activities for artists to take part in and play great music from all over the world! Yes, that’s right; anyone who makes urban music (Hip-Hop, RnB, Soca, Dancehall, Afrobeats, Soul, etc.) can submit MP3s to us and as long as the songs are clean and the quality is there, we will definitely play it. The show is also registered with a performing rights organization which means that qualified artists can get paid! So far we have played music from artists in North Carolina, Atlanta, New York, St. Martín and Nigeria in addition to Toronto, of course. Ground Up also features a creative as a guest each episode. Creative has a wide definition to us so the audience can expect anyone from artists, dancers, entertainment managers, fashion designers, talent scouts, models or even pro athletes. So from 6-8pm anyone who tunes in online via directly, from Apple Music or using the Tune In app can hear the show and share it with their fans, family and friends. So far the show has been great and so many interesting guests have come through. We are currently working on our phone in feature so that creatives from around the world and listeners can call in with their thoughts and make requests.

For any artists wishing for airplay or anyone who knows an artist whose music they would like to submit please contact us at, for anyone looking to be considered as a guest please contact our booking manager Taesia at

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Asha Mullings aka Ekelle is a Toronto based artist, model, and writer. You can connect with her on Twitter and IG at #officialekelle.