TT The Artist: The Rap Queen Featured On HBO's "Insecure"

TT The Artist, aka Tedra Wilson, has been on our radar for a while, but if you’re a fan of the TV show “Insecure”, you probably know her by her ultra real track, “Real Bitch Problems”. This chick makes Nicki Minaj look bubble gum pop as can be, and her colorful, all-caps style is as swaggy as her sound. She borrows hood bars and beats from rappers down south, melded with a contemporary mashing of dance music, Miami bass, Baltimore club, and electronic. Her production is fire and so is her energy. But don’t get it twisted - she had a sheltered, conservative and strictly religious household in Fort Lauderdale. She started rapping in high school, a very different departure from her upbringing. It’s already hard to be a successful, black female artist (especially with a censored community that represents the opposite of her creative expression), but this millennial has already had 2 songs on “Insecure”, an incredibly popular HBO show courtesy of Issa Rae, who started out with “Awkward Black Girl”.

TT hopes to break into the mainstream industry, and with two songs on an HBO show, a song sampled by J.Lo, and a feature on a Diplo track, we think she’ll get there pretty quick. She’s a perfect example of a truly talented artist bridging the gap between unique indie talent and a more commercial sound, and we approve. TT The Artist proves there’s many spaces within the black female rap game, and we’re excited to see what’s next from her. You’ll want to bump this track on the commute to work when you have a bad case of the Mondays, 100%.

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