Handles Discusses His Latest Video "Stop Sleepin" And Upcoming Album "809060"

Major shoutout to Eastern Shore, VA native Handles for connecting with us for this exclusive interview. During this Q&A we inquired about the influence of Handles' hometown on his music, what he's most proud of with his latest single/video "Stop Sleepin", what we can expect from his upcoming project "809060" and much more. After reading the interview, be sure to check out Handles' music on Soundcloud and follow him on Twitter/IG/Facebook to stay up to date for all things Handles!

Tell us about your name "Handles"; how did it originate and what does it mean?

Well when you hear the name Handles, the first thing most people think of is Basketball which is how I first got the name. I played basketball up until college and was known to have one of the best handling skills in my area as a point guard. Once people found out that I was good at many other things such as: drawing, dancing, gymnastics (don't judge lol) and music which was my true passion, they figure I can handle anything once I put my mind to it lol. Over the years, Handles became an acronym which stands for Honesty AND Loyalty you'll Ever See. I thought it cool so I ran with it lol, but yea that's how Handles was originated and I stuck with it.

If you had to describe your music in three words, which ones would you select?

Real, Raw, and Relatable

As a native of Eastern Shore, VA, what influence, if any, has your hometown had on you as an artist?

I would say that ESVA had a positive and determined influence on me including the drive that I have as an artist. It's a lot of talent there but being it's a small place, we tend to get overlooked a lot which is what made me want to go even harder, not just for me but to also shed some light on the Eastern Shore in a positive way.

What are you most proud of with your latest single/video "Stop Sleepin'"? Do you feel like you have gotten your message across for people to stop sleepin' on you and your artistry? 

I am most proud of my latest being featured on The Source and many other great platforms to help reach the ears of new listeners. Based on the great feedback I have been receiving, I would say that the message is getting out there and it's starting to wake up the sleepers lol.

What can we expect from your upcoming release "809060" and do you have a release date in mind?

You can expect some great music! My new school flow mixed with the old school style will be able to touch the listeners of the youth as well as the adults. I feel that with this album, I was able to give you that feel of how music used to sound like from the storylines with a message and actually having something to say with a few fun records to balance it out. Overall, I think this is my best work thus far. I do have a release date in mind, I am pushing for Feb 23rd or the 24th.

What parting message do you have for the readers of this interview? Why should they watch the "Stop Sleepin'" visual and follow you on social media?

I think that the readers will enjoy the music that I am creating because not only is it real, I feel that I am one of the few artists out there that is staying true to the art of Hip Hop while pushing the culture forward. They should definitely watch the Stop Sleepin visual because it was fun creating it but also you will get to see the lyrical side of me. Hip Hop is Love, that's what I represent so let's keep spreading it and by doing so, they can follow me on social media for updates and hopefully spread the word lol.

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