Honeybone: Behind The EP - Spits And Curses

Once again, the Melbourne music scene is showing everyone why they are up there with some of the best musical cities from around the world. DOPECAUSEWESAID has an EP that you absolutely need to check out, and we promise you won’t regret it. 

Originating in New Zealand, Drew Handcock (guitar and vocals), Peter Jermakov (bass and backing vocals) and Rachel Trainor (drums and vocals) make up the three-piece garage rock band Honeybone. The band originally formed in 2009 in Dunedin. 

From 2014- 2015, Honeybone was secretly writing songs for the May 27 release of Spits and Curses produced by Lee Jones, the former frontman of the Solicitors, turned producer. The 2016 album was recorded over one long weekend with the trio returning a few weeks later to lay down the final vocals.  

Tumultuous relationships and lost love are common themes transformed into the hard rock aura of Spits and Curses. The five-song EP features a dynamic and diverse selection of equally impressive tracks, and we can definitely see ourselves cruising down the desert highways of Las Vegas with some Ray Bands on to this EP. The first song titled “Lonesome” immediately dragged us in with the crazy vocal diversity of the singers and the musical composition from the lead guitarist. The best thing about this EP is how diverse the band proves to be, showing the multiple skills of each musician. A good example would be the fourth track titled “Shotgun”, where drummer Rachel Trainor takes over lead vocals and shows everyone exactly why she is the woman for the job. The dynamic between the powerful male vocals and ambient female vocals almost broke our ears (in the best way possible).

Fun Fact: Honeybone plays a fictional band in a yet to be released film called Marital Problems, and Rachel even gets to punch one of the main actors in the face. The track “Lonesome” will also be featured in the film, so keep your eyes out for it! DOPECAUSEWESAID does not condone violence, but I think we can all agree it makes for some interesting (and hilarious) content.

You can find the Spits and Curses EP and follow the band to see about upcoming projects on their social media accounts below.

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