Indie Pop Duo Inanna Share Their Highly Anticipated Debut EP "What is Living Above the Light"

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“What Is Living Above the Light” is the highly anticipated debut EP from fresh-faced bedroom pop duo Inanna. Their intimate, dreamy sound captivated audiences online and across the globe following the February release of their lead single “Nebulou”, which received radio plays and blog praise from Germany, to England, to the States. Inanna’s swirling guitars, haunting melodies, and effective arrangements recall dream pop acts of the late aughts such as Beach House and Bat for Lashes, with clear, soulful vocals reminiscent to those of Florence Welch.

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Both born and raised in the agrarian heart of California, Hank Dorsey and Hannah Stewart met on the coast while attending the University of California, Santa Barbara. Initially, the two had little in common and didn’t get along well at all, except for both being the “smart-but-odd” ones of their respective, merging, social circles. But after many hours of time spent together via mutual friends, the realization of similar values, and a little bit of sex appeal, a strong partnership was born. After college they moved back inland to start careers in Sacramento, where they also began playing music together. As time passed, the importance of the music grew, and with it the instinct to pursue what they truly want from life. A year later, they left their jobs and struck out on the road, traveling across the country for three months in a Corolla, writing and playing music along the way. Now resettled back on the Central Coast, Hank is relatively new to the professional music scene, while Hannah brings a lifetime of education and experience in music theory and performance. Her voice brings a mature poise and blue-eyed soul character to complement Dorsey’s shoegaze-influenced, lo-fi/ethereal sound. The result is a unique, sought after blend of modern, laid back, and beautiful.

Stewart’s emphatic vocals tempt listeners to check out of reality and into a dream without performing a thematic analysis, a red herring for emotional lyrics rife with hard, relatable truths. What Is Living Above the Light was born on the road from a mind striking out into the dark uncertainty of an uncharted, uninhabited path. The six-track list is a commentary on the aspects of life as we don’t know it--ambition, ostracization, loss, the consciousness experiencing them and attempts at self-preservation--from a refreshing, yet insightful perspective. It is at once hazy and insistent, doggedly trying to pierce the veil and find the way forward. With songs ranging in genre from dream pop to acoustic, Dorsey and Stewart explore what is living above the light.

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