Interview: ABCeez Talks About His New EP "IntroToABCeezMind"

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Our latest exclusive interview is with Bay area rap artist ABCeez who recently dropped a new six-song EP entitled "IntroToABCeezMind". We ask him about how the EP came together, his thoughts on the new Eminem album, his goals for early 2018 and much more. Enjoy the Q&A and then be sure to stream the new EP and follow ABCeez on IG!

Congratulations on the release of your EP "IntroToABCeezMind". Tell us about how the project came together, i.e. how long it took to finish, who were the producers, etc.

For my EP it took around a month to make, I just found random producers online who I like their style. Izak who produces YBN Nahmirs rubbing off the paint is one of the producers on the tape that stands out I really feeling his beats they go. For the track Cinnamon I knew I needed a darker type beat something funky so I was searching for a odd future type beat. Those dudes I really look up to and are one of the most influential people in my music. And for the track "AnAmericanBedtimeStory" I wanted a beat that could hit your soul you know make you feel some type of way. So I was searching for a Kid Cudi type beat. Cudi is also one of the artist that inspire me a lot. For the track "WhoYou" it was the last I recorded cause my friend just showed me a random beat and I was just felt some way like "WhoYou" and that was all just a freestyle actually. JustDaIcon mixed and mastered the whole project. If you notice the cover to I have a hourglass that's my thing it helps remind me that the time is now and its always going. Also if you see the clothes in the back are organized in the order of the mexican flag that is because I am half mexican. Blue is my favorite color so that's the bandana, I do not gang bang.

What are you most proud of with the EP?

The most proud part of the EP is that people actually like it, being that it is the first project I put out and really didn’t have much help making considering I record alone write alone and don’t have an in house engineer. Like I still record out of my closet given the cover having it look as if it is in my room. Very proud how it came out as a full project being I feel it really takes you on a quick trip through my brain. From party vibes and wanting to be ignorant and young. To the evil side of my brain with crazy thoughts to a deep track tracing issues in my past that I feel still haunt my mind to this day. Overall I am just proud I put out a dope project form my room and I got a couple thousand views that's crazy to me, to even see I got people actually listening to me in Paris its trip. 

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You mention that Eminem is your favorite rapper; what do you think about his new album?

Em new album isn’t bad, he’s a older man so I really didn't know what to expect. I know that he is very mature though and is very connected to America he is a icon and has a voice that people will listen too. I think for this album it was less about party music or top ten songs even though he still is gonna get them with this tape it was just more about him expressing his thoughts. I mean he raps about kidnapping and killing the President's daughter to me that's still some pretty savage eminem shit. He still got a dark twisted mind, he just has a mature one also and knows people will listen so he gotta drop some knowledge. Some of that shit though the beats be sounding to alternative rockish or sum.

If you had to describe your music to a stranger in only three words, which ones would you select?

Three words would be goofy because i try to be different kind of funny. Goofy but I aint no goofy don’t get that mistaken. Energetic that music that makes you want move, myself imma hyper ass dude so in my music Imma try to display that and let yall know how I’m coming. Conscious, I know what the fuck going on, I ain't blind I be up to date with current events in the culture. Keep that eye open yahdig. Self conscious yah know.

What's next after the EP? What are your musical goals for early 2018?

Man too much, I go day by day not year by year. But 2018 I got big features coming with TreezLowkey, Lil House Phone, and Yung Bans just trying to network get my name out there more and work with bigger artist get my name some weight. I will be at SXSW 2018 so if you digging me you guys can catch me there the 16th of March at the Bat Bar. 2018 is the year for me to get my name out there let people know I’m serious and a good rapper that can give you any vibe you really want. But I really wanna continue to make energetic music to get people hyped, that's what I enjoy doing. Imma work on dropping many projects as many as I possibly can. Working on features with smaller artist too, any that want a verse form me right now. Networking on the network, ain't what you know, it's who you know. So if you think you could see me on a song with you then don’t be afraid to hit me up. I have been talking to a rep from Capital Records and he said he was really liking my music and my style so we just gotta see. SKEEWEEE one love! tuhhh shoutout the squad heemteam yah dig.

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