Interview: Akron, OH Based Singer-Songwriter Luvabstract Talks About His New Single "Matrix"

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Shout out to Akron, OH based singer-songwriter Luvabstract who just released his pop, electronic, and RnB infused new single “Matrix”. We connected with Luvabstract for an exclusive interview to discuss this new single, find out why he is choosing to release a new song every month, what he’s most proud of with his debut EP “The Abstract”, and much more.

After reading our Q&A with Luvabstract, be sure to stream his debut EP “The Abstract”, connect with him on social media, check out his website, and get ready for next month’s new single!

Congratulations on the release of your new single "Matrix", which is a part of a series of confirmed releases set to be released once a month. Why did you decide to release your new singles in this manner?

At the beginning of my career, I put out a song a month. Not only did that help me gain momentum as an artist, but it also pushed me creatively. So we are going back to the basics in 2019!

Is there significance behind the title of the your single "Matrix"?

To me, Los Angeles is the Matrix. I love LA, but something about it does not seem real to me. There are basically no seasons there. Everyone is a Model/Actor/Youtuber/Musician (I know that's ironic because I am a musician). Everyone has the new Gucci, or the new watch or the new car. But the worst part about it is that no one notices that this is not normal. It seems like no one understands the impermanence of this type of lifestyle, and it's weird to me.

Tell us about your name Luvabstract; how did you come up with this moniker?

LuvAbstract has two sides of it that directly reflect me as an artist. Luv and Abstract.

When I was in high school I had a clothing line called Abstract. The point of that brand was for me to be able to create freely and express myself however I want. In many ways, Abstract got me through highschool. I felt safe and confident when I was creating for Abstract. Once I made enough money, I decided that I wanted a website for Abstract. I wanted but that domain was too expensive. The two options I could afford were and LoveAbstract seemed cooler, so I said: "Screw it I'm Love Abstract now!" Once social media popped off, I needed to get an account for Love Abstract. Unfortunately, @loveabstract was taken for Twitter. @LuvAbstract was not taken and it seemed cool, so I said: " Screw it I'm LuvAbstract now"

So the Abstract part of me is the artistic side, that creates. The Luv part is the laid back, resourceful part of me that always figures out how to make something work. And when I started music, I couldn't think of any other name that accurately represents me.

How did you connect with The Wavys, the producers of the single?

The Wavys are actually my main production team. 99% of all my music goes through them. We grew up in Akron together, and I've always worked with them. Since we have such a strong relationship, they were able to create a world that matches my lyrics & emotions towards LA.

Finish this sentence - "When someone listens to a Luvabstract song, I want them to ..."

I want them to emerge into a story. I want the listener to feel and see what I am trying to convey in all my songs.

What are you most proud of with your debut EP, "The Abstract"?

“The Abstract” was my first attempt at putting together a full concept together, rather than just throwing some songs on a project and calling it a day. It might be cheating, but I'm proud of the entire process. From going through 3 or 4 versions of every song, to successfully shopping it to labels, “The Abstract” was an amazing experience for me. And I get to relive it every time I listen.

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