Interview: Arizona Rap Trio SelectFewXXX Discuss Their New EP "No Shot Clock!"

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Major shout out to WessideMarcus, Jway and JG#1 who comprise the Arizona based rap trio SelectFewXXX; they connected with DCWS for an exclusive Q&A to discuss their newly released EP “No Shot Clock!”. We also learned more about why the guys initially decided to form the trio, the Hip-Hop scene in Surprise, AZ, where they are located, as well as their musical goals for the remainder of 2019.

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Tell us about the name of the trio SelectFewXXX; does it have a special meaning? Also, what led you guys to decide to form the group?

We came up with the name because we truly believe in our selves and what we bring to the table. Nobody is like our group so that’s why we are the SelectFew. Now the triple X’s represent each member also representing a solid brotherhood that can’t be broken.

We first started out as a YouTube group in all honesty. But always had music as the top priority. Making music as a group was more natural and fluent for us as a trio rather then individually.

Congratulations on the completion and release of your debut EP "No Shot Clock!". What are you guys most proud of with this project?

Just being able to put a project out is amazing. All the hard work, time and money invested and this is just the beginning. We got a ton of feedback good and bad, which is needed, so we can elevate and make the next project ten times better.

Were there other songs that were recorded that you decided not to include on the EP? If so, why did they not make the final cut?

We definitely have more songs that were done before and during the project but ultimately went with those six because we felt like the other tracks were missing something and needed more work before putting them out.

Where in Arizona exactly are you guys located and what the music scene for Hip-Hop like there?

We are currently in Surprise, Arizona. Just about 30 mins out of Phoenix, Arizona. The hip-hop scene here is definitely lit. It’s just mainly about getting out here for people to hear your music. There is always party and an amazing nightlife especially in the east valley.

With the EP now released, what are you guys' goals musically for the remainder of 2019?

We want to do more live shows and get some music videos rolling. I believe adding some viral content will definitely help us get heard more. At the moment we have no video content out so that’s the main focus for 2019.

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