Interview: Artist and Producer Low Life Luke Talks About His New Video "Cold Blooded" and the Hip-Hop Music Scene in Ireland

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Major shout out to Low Life Luke, an emerging artist and producer out of Ireland who connected with us for an exclusive interview to discuss his new video "Cold Blooded", the Hip-Hop scene in Ireland, and much more.

After reading our Q&A with Low Life Luke, be sure to connect with him on social media and stay tuned because we're sure that his next release will be even doper than "Cold Blooded"!

Congratulations to you for the release of your follow up single "Cold Blooded" and its visual. How does it feel to release this new music and already have over 1,000 views on YouTube?

Appreciate that! It’s a steady incline in every way I visioned. My goal is to keep the momentum going.

With "Rising" dropping before, and now "Cold Blooded", what comes next? Will these two tracks be appearing on an upcoming EP or album?

Before “Rising” my idea was to wait it out and spend a year writing an EP, but there’s no consistency in that. I’m gonna keep belting a new single out every six weeks! In my opinion that’s the most fresh way to move.

Describe for us what the scene for Hip-Hop is like in Ireland right now in 2018. Would you consider yourself the ambassador for Irish Hip-Hop to the world, similar to how Drake does for Toronto?

The Irish hip hop scene is a tricky one; no one has ever blown up from it. Guess I gotta be the one! 

When someone listens to "Cold Blooded" for the first time, what do you want them to take away from the experience?

“Cold Blooded” is a song were ya can take away catchy melodies and some phat Irish rap verses all in the one track.

You not only wrote "Cold Blooded" but you produced it as well, not to mention recorded, mixed and mastered it. Tell us about the creative process for this song, and your music in general. 

I grew up around drums and strings, so I gotta deep connection with all that. It’s important each track I create has a feel that I truly move with. Saying all that, I recently found a producer that makes bangers and I will be collaborating on a track of his. Basically, it's important that the sound fits at all times! 

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