Interview: Atlanta Based Rap Artist CASH Discusses His New Album "Hear Me Paint"

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We connected with Atlanta based rap artist CASH for an exclusive interview to discuss his new album “Hear Me Paint”, as well as the visual for “20 Degrees”, which is a featured track on the release. We also talked about CASH’s musical inspirations, what he does when he is not working on new music, what he wants a new listener to take away from listening to the “Hear Me Paint” album for the first time, and much more.

After reading our Q&A with CASH, be sure to follow him on social media and listen to the “Hear Me Paint” below. Also, stay tuned because our in depth review of the album is coming very soon!

Major congrats to you on the completion and release of your new album "Hear Me Paint". What are you most proud of with this project?

I’m mainly proud just to have it released and available for the people to hear because it was a very long process and I was at a point where I felt like it would never be finished, but here we are!

What does the album's title "Hear Me Paint" mean to you?

To me, it’s pretty self explanatory. I’m painting pictures for my listener to hear. I have a story to tell, created masterpieces in audio form and I want people to witness them.

With an album title such as "Hear Me Paint", when someone listens to it for the first time, what do you want them to take away from the experience?

I would like for them to feel as if they just left a really DOPE art gallery, lol. I want them to feel as if they know me on a more intimate level and feel as if I’m a creative and dope lyricist as well.

Of all the album's tracks, why did you select "20 Degrees" to create a visual for?

When I initially heard the track for “20 Degrees”, the hook came to me instantly and I just knew it would be a banger. Furthermore, I was still in the process of healing from a situation I was going through and I wanted to display that in its rawest form by releasing it while I was still in that process, because music is therapeutic for me.

I also felt like it was something men weren’t talking about. Women have a plethora of stories about how “black men ain’t ****” but often times, it’s not always us that’s the problem and I wanted to set the trend and talk about it. We as men have feelings too and I’m one that strongly believes that we shouldn’t suppress them contrary to what society thinks.

What are some things/places/people that inspire you to create your music?

I’m inspired by everyday life itself, the yin and the yang. Real life situations that myself or other people may experience. I’m inspired by love, by pain and everything in between. I’m inspired by art, fashion and dope music.

When you are not in the studio working on new music, what are some hobbies or activities that you enjoy partaking in?

I enjoy spending time with my children outside of the studio as well as in the studio because I like for them to see me work and experience my creative process. I enjoy reading, going to art shows and fashion events. I mainly enjoy solitude, being with myself and my thoughts and learning more about myself and how I can properly love myself so I can be the best version of me.

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