Interview: Atlanta Based Rapper/Producer LVNASA Talks About Her Debut EP "678"

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We connected with Atlanta based rapper and producer LVNASA for an exclusive interview to discuss her newly released EP, “678”. During our conversation, we also got a chance to pick LVNASA’s brain about several other topics, including how the city of Atlanta is reflected in her music, the software/hardware she uses to make beats, her goals for the rest of 2019, and much more.

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Tell us about your creative process for the development of the songs featured on your debut EP "678".

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I can't say I had an exact process in the creation of "678". It was more of like a natural progression for me. I had completed the initial production and recording of the project fairly quickly, like within a matter of 18 days. But I later went back into the recordings and readjusted the hooks and instruments on a few tracks after giving it space to breath. I will say, I always listen back to tracks to be sure they are without a doubt, perfect to me. I particularly had to readjust “KHM” and “Down For Me” (especially) to find the right cohesion. My main engineer on this project, Cope, was also a huge help in the mixing process. That man knows how to ensure the quality sounds polished.

Did you record songs that you decided not to include on the EP? If so, why did they not make the final cut?

I had intended on releasing a completely different project before deciding to go forward with "678". I felt I needed a proper artistic introduction with diverse range in tonality and arrangement. That being said I made each song specifically for the EP. I told myself, 'I want six tracks, that sounds about right,' so I went on that whim and it made itself. I have many unreleased works, but I won't be releasing anything until I feel it's ready and needed.

How would you say that the city of Atlanta is reflected in your music?

I feel Atlanta is reflected in the context of my music, but not necessarily the sound. I talk about my experiences, many of which I have undergone during my time living here. I will say Atlanta is a rare city with many different energies and people. Small things rub off on you, like certain phrases and slang.

I do think the drums I incorporate in songs like "Down For Me" and "Same Way" are inspired by the Trap sound, but I always put my spin on things. I really go within for my work; what feels good and what sounds good to me.

Following up on the last question, what are some things/people/places that inspire your songs and production?

[Laughs] I have many influences. Mainly curiosity, but I grew up listening to Kanye West, which made me aware of artistry and lyrical layout. Andre 3K and Timbaland are great inspirations of mine in terms of progressiveness and originality.

My approach to production and audio layering is influenced by a lot of Psychedelic and Space Rock. Travis Scott, Kid Cudi, Frank Ocean etc. I love music and musicians that I feel are being themselves. Expressing their honest experience. I can feel it through the music. I love taking walks through nature, and I often daydream about walking along the beach.

What software/hardware do you use to create beats and when do you know that an instrumental you've been working on is finished?

I chiefly work in Ableton. This project was made with a combination of Ableton 9 and 10 softwares respectively. I know a beat is finished, when it feels finished. [Laughs] It's incredibly hard to explain in words, but I only know when I know and it sounds complete.

With the "678" EP now released, what are some of your goals musically for the remainder of 2019?

Perform more shows and further my audience. I feel timing has been good and I am going forward at a consistent pace. I think that's the key for me. [Laughs] Consistency is the constant goal, so I'm pretty amped. I am meeting more people everyday and getting a lot of great feedback, so showing love to my true fan base is really important to me, and also fueling my brand are considerable goals of mine for the remainder of the year.

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