Interview: Atlanta Rapper Reggie Rock!t Talks About His "MLK" Track, Cover Graphic and Debut EP "Guinness Worlds Records"

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We connected with Atlanta based rapper Reggie Rock!t for an exclusive interview to discuss his debut EP “Guinness World Records”, which features his hit single “MLK”. During our interview with Reggie, we discuss the EP, the single’s trending cover graphic, whether he feels that the market for rappers in Atlanta is over-saturated and much more.

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Where would you say that your initial inspiration to create music came from?

I would have to give it to my father as my first musical inspiration. He is also a musician that played the drums in the early 80s for an indie-funk band out of Atlanta named SoundTrack. he bought me my first drum set for Christmas when I was only 6 years. Even though i didn't pursue a career as a drummer, this was the introduction to my love of creating music. i can even credit him for my love of hip-hop after he bought Tupac’s album “All Eyes On Me”. When he would pick me up from my mom's house on the weekends, he would be blasting that album in all down Campbellton Rd in his 96 Mustang GT.

If you had to describe your music in three words, which ones would you select?

if i could describe my music in 3 words, it would be risky, conceptual, and entertaining.

Congratulations of the release of your debut EP "Guinness World Records"; it's a very dope project. What does the EP title mean?

Thanks! J Sky and I put a lot into the making the EP. He engineered the entire project as well as produced 4 tracks on it. We are good friends so the natural chemistry shows in the way my vocals blend in with his production. The other 2 tracks including the lead single “MLK”, was produced by the homie Reed Rich. He is another dope producer out of Atlanta whose sound I naturally vibe with. His production credits extend from Jim Jones, Young Scooter and Gunplay, to name a few. It was overall a fun process and it is getting good reception amongst the people who follow me.

The title itself is a play on words from the actual Guinness Book of World Records and the Irish beer. just how the Guinness Book of Records document and recognize record holders around the world for different things, I would like to use my artistry to not only break records but to also set new ones in the process. in this project, a lot of my lyrics could be considered controversial and a little on the bold side. It’s similar to when you lit because you had too much to drink and the liquid courage sets in, opening you up to say whatever comes to mind because your inhibitions are lowered.

What's funny is other than hitting the blunt once or twice I was completely sober when I record this EP. I just wanted to exercise freedom of expression in my lyrics. Just like a drunk doesn't give a fuck about what they say or do when the had too much to drink, I wasn't concerned about how my lyrics would be perceived by the listener. To me, the cover art embodies the whole meaning behind the name of my EP. The way Freako Rico illustrated me in a bar with the cast of the sitcom Cheers surrounding me as I down bottle after bottle of Guinness is not only hilarious but spot on to the double meaning. It’s like I'm trying to break a record in a beer drinking contest.

There are so many rap artists in Atlanta making music right now. Would you say that the market is over-saturated? Also, how do talented artists such as yourself stand out in such an environment?

i would say that the market is a bit over-saturated in my city. Literally everyone and their momma is a rapper nowadays. The problem is everyone is rapping about the same shit and all the beats sound the same. it's trending right now.

I started writing at the age of 12 when it wasn't cool to be a rapper so this has always been a passion for me. Not some fad I picked up to get girls or look cool because of its trending. It’s like the book Blue Ocean Strategy. In my industry, the ocean is red from all bloodshed because of the large amount of competition in this Atlanta market. How I see it, my ocean blue because I'm on my own wave. So my advice is, if you want to stand out, take the time and focus your energy on perfecting your craft as an artist. This is crucial.

I feel like the more you work on something, the better you become at it. On the other hand, there are also a lot of dope artists coming out of Atlanta. I personally love the diversity as well as the competition that comes with the territory. But to stand out, you gotta be in your own lane. Corner a niche and just do shit your way. Be different. Be yourself. It's nothing new under the sun but it’s all in how you deliver it to your audience.

Are you surprised by the overwhelming response that your “MLK” cover graphic has received? Were you ever concerned that the graphic might overshadow the song itself?

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Yes I was surprised that the cover had such a great response and went viral the way it did but at the same time, that's to be expected with the internet nowadays. If people find humor in something they are going to share it with their friends on social media. I admit that it was hilarious when they added the air pods to the MLK along with the made-up track listing.

I even considered releasing a project with the same cover and track listing of the meme just for shits n giggles. The My Coretta and My Berretta one is too funny. it was dope Freddie Gibbs shared it in his Instagram Stories. Shout out to Freddie Gibbs I fuck with his music. I wouldn't mind if he actually jumping on the record. That would be a good look.

As far as me being concerned if the cover will overshadow the song itself was never an issue. Making “MLK” beard gang with the drippy temp fade was genius if you ask me. My homie Aaron did his thing on the cover and honestly, I think the cover is doing what its supposed to do. its evoking a response. It's creating conversations. It's creating an experience.

From releasing the song on MLK holiday to the cover altering one of the most celebrated black men in history was a great marketing ploy to capture people's attention. The music is doing its part by contributing to as well as continuing that conversation. The beat go hard and the lyrical content adds controversy. It creates a shock value to whoever hears the record. That's why with in the first 24 hrs the song was viewed 10,000 times just on IG alone. It’s now at 23,000 views and increasing daily. The comment section is full of flame emojis and to date “MLK” is my highest viewed post on my IG.

Thanks to beardgang MLK with the temp fade and the fire music behind it. i got people asking who is MLK's barber while jamming out to the record. That's dope if you ask me.

Can we expect a video for MLK or another track off the EP soon? If so, which one?

“MLK” is definitely getting a video shot to it. I'm thinking about shooting one to “Pain Killer” as well. People are rocking with “Pain Killer” too. They both lit.

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