Interview: Austin Based Singer-Songwriter and Producer MedizenKid

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MedizenKid is a melodic singer/songwriter and producer who fused Indie/RnB and Pop into a smooth catchy sound. We connected with MedizenKid for this exclusive interview because his single "Wake Up Now" is one of the standout tracks we have featured thus far in 2018 and we believe that this year will be when he breaks through. You can jump on the bandwagon now before it becomes cool to be a MedizenKid fan by following him on his social media streams and sharing this interview and "Wake Up Now" with some friends.

Describe your creative process for us when it comes to creating a new song. How do you generally start and when do you know that a song you've been working on is done?

I love this question! I get asked this quite a bit. It normally always starts with me and my acoustic guitar. I mess around with some chords singing random melodies. Most of the time the words that first come out are the final lyrics in the song. I am my best when I am really feeling a new idea. I always wanna jump in the studio right when an idea comes; when it's fresh, otherwise it is possible to fizzle out and I lose passion if I come back to it later.

I know when it's done when I have put my whole heart into the track, all the necessary spaces are filled and I've heard it a thousand times. 

You mentioned in your bio that you played in several different bands; how did those experiences help mold you into the artist we see before us now?

Loving these questions :) My two biggest projects growing up were Lake Sun, the reggae band I wrote for and Rhombii, a psychedelic/Indie fusion project. These bands were a lot of fun and they motivated me to keep writing but eventually I just didn't see a long future with them so I moved to Austin. I really started studying the music scene and what is in right now and after studying artists like BlackBear, Dysn, and Lostboycrow i started fusing an RnB/Rap/Alternative/Pop project of my own.

Congrats on the release of your single "Wake Up Now". What motivated you to write and produce the song?

How it started was with a broken heart from an I feel so much of my music comes from the strongest of emotions and attachments us humans have. Ben Leal (a great producer) who helped make the beat and vocals sound pro, him and I have been really inspired by an artist and friend Lostboycrow. We listened to some of his tracks and tried to feel LostBoy's world and the beat was born.

What's next to come after "Wake Up Now"? Can we expect the song on an upcoming EP or album this year?

Yes; my buddy From LA (LostboyCrow) suggested I reproduce a track called "Winter Winds" and this could possibly be the EP name as well. Looking like it will be out late March/early April but maybe sooner.

If you had to describe your music to a stranger in three words, which ones would you choose?


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