Interview: Belgrade Based DJ and Producer DJ Architect

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We connected with Belgrade, Serbia based DJ and producer DJ Architect for an exclusive interview to discuss the EDM/Trap scene in his city, how he got his start djing, his goals for the remainder of 2018 and much more.

After reading our Q&A with DJ Architect, be sure to connect with him on social media and listen to his latest tracks, including "It Could Be A Trap" on his Soundcloud page below.

Tell us about how you got started as a DJ and producer. 

I started djing 9 years ago, in a small bar, and after very short period I started playing in big clubs and venues.

You know we have to ask about the mask... what does it represent?

The mask became part of me long time ago, actually after my first festival I played. I had a set before ONYX, and since they are legends of hip hop I wanted to kill with my set and hype the crowd as best possible. But I was very nervous and I kinda wanted to hide my identity so if I screwed up I didn't want people to recognize the dj who did that. So I took a bandanna from my friend and I have put a snapback on my head and played like that the whole set. The crowd was wild and everything was great, but no one knew my real identity since then. Then I though about it and it looked like a nice idea, so I started designing my own "appearance" and it turned out like you see me now.

And on the other hand, the mask is there to hide my real identity because I also had another profession i won't reveal, where I don't wear mask, but only a very small amount of people know about it :)

What's the EDM/trap music scene like in Belgrade and Serbia in general? 

The EDM music and trap genre in general in Serbia is very bad unfortunately. I don't know why but we have only one brand that I lead and have created it in 2015, that represents real Trap and Festival trap s..t.

Describe for us the typical night at the club when you are spinning. What do you enjoy most about the experience of being the sole reason that people are dancing and enjoying themselves?

A typical night starts for me around 1:30 AM in a prime time, where I like to open my sets with some huge banger, and hype the crowd from the beginning and drive them thru entire set until their legs fall of :)

The real thing that I like about djing and music in general is the energy you give to people, being a person who makes people dance and be happy, that gives that energy back to me. It's like being a doctor who saves someone's life. You are doing a good thing, and the most important thing is that you have to love your job, otherwise it will be like the regular job you do, from 9-17h and come back home without any impressions.

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Tell us about WRECKVGE, which comprises of yourself and TML. 

Wreckvge is a stage name of me and TML, where we teamed up in 2014 and exploded after only one year of producing and playing. In a very short period we gained support from some very big names such as: Steve Aoki, David Guetta, Garmiani, Lil Jon, Lookas, Crankdat, Diplo, Carnage, Riff Raff, Snavs, Laidback Luke etc.and released tracks on Dim Mak Records, Spinnin Records, 2Dutch and such. Our sets are define with mainly trap genre, hard trap, hard style, riddim etc. The whole set has a lot of energy which makes crowd hyped the whole set. And as for our appearance, I decided to transfer my "product" to Wreckvge because it has shown great results.

What are your goals musically for the remainder of 2018? 

My goals for 2018 are to keep on going with ours and as for my progress when djing and producing. One of my main goals is to find a good management for myself and Wreckvge and booking agency and finally come to USA and be part of the greatest EDM and trap scene, and play on the biggest festivals.

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